Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn resigns issuing a puzzling statement

The Willesden and Brent Times on their website are reporting that the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Hampstead and Kilburn seat has stepped down because she has accepted a politically restricted job – LINK

I think this is fair enough and it is a personal decision for her and I can imagine it was one that took lots of thought and consideration. However, I am somewhat puzzled by her resignation statement. The quote reads,

“This has come about because I have been offered a job in government in which I will be working to give the Liberal Democrats a stronger voice within the Coalition in key areas where I have expertise. However, as this job is politically restricted I will not be allowed to continue as a parliamentary candidate.”

How can you accept a politically restricted role and yet make a public statement that you will be using your new job to enhance your Party within Government through being appointed in a politically restricted job?

It just does not make any sense.

2 thoughts on “Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn resigns issuing a puzzling statement

  1. Well noted Krupesh, I thought exactly the same thing. If you are appointed within a senior position within the civil service you are required to act politically neutral. She is claiming that despite stepping down for this very reason – she will continue to promote lib dem interests within her role. I have heard that some roles even require you to stop taking part in political activities such as attending conference etc … Equally puzzled by this statement!

  2. It is being reported that she has been appointed as a Special Adviser (SPAD) at the DH and DWP. SPADs are temporary civil servants who are allowed to be political in their work, but they are under the same restriction on “national political activities” as permanent civil servants.

    So she can be advancing Lib Dem interests within government, while still being prevented from being a prospective Parliamentary candidate.

    Here’s a link to their Code of Conduct, which sets out all the details:

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