Brent Liberal Democrat Councillor David Clues who lives in Brighton and refuses to resign claims to channel Councillor allowances straight to the Brent Liberal Democrats

The Channel 4 programme Dispatches has brought about national shame on the Brent Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dudden Hill Ward Cllr David Clues. Allbeit on television, but it was the first time I can recall seeing him for over a year despite having represented the same ward as a Councillor since 2010.

He has been living in Brighton for 18 months but is yet to resign his seat.

He has however said on national television that he is in the process of resigning. It remains to be seen if he simply means he is not standing next time around because that is not the same thing as resigning!

In addition, it was scandalously revealed that his allowances are channelled back to the Brent Liberal Democrats!!!! Their whip and leadership has taken no action on the matter of him moving to Brighton and the Liberal Democrats are taking money from taxpayers as part of the convenient sweet deal according to Cllr David Clues own admissions.

The Brent Liberal Democrats must apologise to the people of Brent and come clean about the point made in the programme about his allowances being paid to the Liberal Democrats. They have totally lost their grip on the issue.

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