Free parking arrangements for the festive period

Christmas Day – Controlled Parking Zones will not be enforced, although please take care not to park on yellow lines during their operational hours or block residential driveways.

Boxing Day – Controlled Parking Zones will be enforced in zones E, T, W, KG, KM, KR only.

New Years Day – Bank Holiday restrictions apply

Car parks

To support shoppers and local retailers, free parking will be made available in some of the Brent Council run car parks on the weekends before Christmas.

The weekends when parking will be free are:

  • Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 December
  • Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December
  • Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 December
  • Thursday 25 and Friday 26 December

Participating car parks:

  • Barham Park
  • Elm Road
  • Kingsbury Road
  • Lonsdale Avenue
  • Neasden
  • Preston Road
  • Salusbury Road
  • St Johns Road
  • Wendover Road

Parking Customer Services

The call centre is not open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or New Years Day.

Only a handful of Controlled Parking Zones are operational on bank holidays, and none operate on Christmas Day.

Please access our parking services online for permits and visitor parking. You can also book visitor parking by SMS.

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