Introducing Play Streets to Brent

Brent Council has agreed a cabinet report making it much easier for local communities to regularly convert their streets into car-free play areas for their children – usually for one afternoon a month.

To get the scheme started, the council will cover all the other up front costs, like the public advertising required for Traffic Management Orders, and will even pay for public liability insurance. The council has also found an initial sponsor to provide the necessary free traffic cones and signs.

This new scheme follows a pilot closure of Kempe Road earlier this year to allow children to play out in the street. That play street experiment was a great success, with neighbours being very supportive, and their children taking full advantage of the additional playground, quite literally on their doorstep.

Cllr Ellie Southwood, Brent’s cabinet member for the environment said

“Parents are always keen for somewhere safe and convenient for their kids to play, so this is a wonderful idea. This is a great example of the council making life easier by taking away the hassle (and cost) of the legal requirements – and promoting healthy, active lifestyle opportunities for your people.”

Anyone interested in turning their road into a play street under this new scheme should look out for details of how to make this happen on our website, that will be developed now the cabinet has approved this proposal. That will allow plenty of time for people to chat through the idea with their neighbours, gain the necessary level of support, and have the details all sorted ready to launch in their street in time for the good weather later next spring.

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