My Heart Beats for Brent Campaign launched

My Heart Beats for Brent’ is a new campaign aimed at getting those members of the community who take part in no moderate intensity sport or physical activity for at least 30 minutes to be more active and is inspired by the many Brent residents who already demonstrate a real affection for the facilities; classes; parks; open spaces and clubs in Brent.

The campaign message is “exercise somewhere you love for just 30 minutes a day” and focus on small changes you can make no matter your age or ability to improve your fitness.    The campaign is being delivered in response to the high levels of obesity in the borough. Half of the population in Brent is overweight and an estimated one in five of our population is obese. It will target both adults and children.

On 22 September we will launch ‘My heart beats for the Daily Mile’ which encourages school children to walk up to a mile in 15 minutes each school day (during their lunch/break time).    ‘My Heart Beats for Brent’ was launched on national fitness day (Wednesday 7 September) in conjunction with Tottenham Hotspur football club.

England and Spurs star’s Harry Kane and Eric Dier visited Wembley to promote the campaign along with the ‘Spurs Nurse’ who carried out free health checks to members of the public and gave out information about how to keep active in the borough.

Keep up to date with the campaign here.

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