Dudden Hill resident releases second book documenting family history

A few years ago, I featured a blog post from one of my constituents Mansingh Narrandes when he published a book ‘They Came From India.‘  The book gave account of his family’s journey in South Africa.

He has now published a second version of the book. Further details is given about how his great grandmother, Pooyjee came with her five year old daughter Lauder,  to Natal in 1863 , lucky not to be ship wrecked off the coast of Port Elizabeth, followed by the father in 1864, Narain Dass Singh.

The Incredible Journey from India presents a fascinating view of one family’s history from the 1860s to the present day. It records the hardships and struggles of the first members to arrive in South Africa as part of the indentured workforce and, through a rich, pictorial narrative, how they contributed to the socio-economic infrastructure of Natal and South Africa as a whole.

South Africa would certainly not be the country it is today without the significant contribution of these people.

As the author points out, this is “An Untold Part of South African History” that had to be told and revealed to the whole world. Mansingh does an excellent job in telling his story, drawing the reader in with historical facts, documents, photographs and family anecdotes.

All in all a thoroughly captivating read and, in my opinion, a book that should form part of the documented history of South Africa.


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