Khat ban welcome

Khat (Photo credit: eesti)

After public health debacles of the Government’s policy on alcohol and tobacco, the ban on khat which has been championed by Theresa May is a good thing.

I support her stance, which has gone against the recommendation of Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and decided to ban the currently legal substance khat.

When looking at these issues, it is also important to take into account the wider social impact that stimulants such as khat have on people and their families.

Where I am a Ward Councillor in Dudden Hill, you only have to go on Church Road and see the damaging impact that khat has on families and the streets in Brent. I have already been out with my ward sergeant on Church Road and people are delighted about this decision.

However, what is most important at the moment is that we work with people using the drug to make sure they are well aware and helped well in time before they are criminalised. I am working with my Drug and Alcohol Team in my department at Brent Council to ensure that this is the approach we take.