Cllr Hirani funds two alley-gating schemes in Neasden

It seems as though these two alley-gating schemes will be the last for the forseeable future as good Council staff who worked in this area are no longer working for Brent Council. The two schemes funded were behind the Subway fast food store and behind the Santander Bank (was tempted to write Abbey National!) by Birse Crescent.

Both of these had been requested by the local residents living in flats above these shops and by local businesses but had limited success. One scheme had gone as far as forming a committee to manage the upkeep of the gates, only to be denied at the final hurdle.

Street drinking has gotten worse in behind these alleyways. This can be really intimidating,especially for people who live in the flats above these shops.

I regularly walk the alleyways with the Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team who recommended that gates in these alleyways would be ideal. They had witnessed dumped rubbish, and even human excrement. One member had tripped on a greasy liquid and seen a rat of enormous size. Something had to be done.

I was pleased that I was able to take advantage of the final alleygating schemes for Dudden Hill ward and it was a real struggle to achieve this. I was able to successfully argue that proceedings had gone so far that it would be barmy to refuse installation of these gates now.

The gates have already been installed and the anti-social behaviour that occured in these alley areas are no more.

Dumped vehicles on Avondale Avenue removed

My Safer Neighbourhood Team flagged up an issue that they had limited luck in resolving and asked for me to intervene. This was mainly due to the vehicle having its number plate totally removed making it unidentifiable and causing issues with reporting.

A yellow van had been left dumped outside the alleygate on Avondale Avenue close to the Kenwyn Drive junction. The yellow van was of particular concern as knives had been found inside the vehicle. Other items of rubbish had also been dumped into the van.

Items in alleyways are frustrating for local residents and also Councillors as there is often little that can be done by the Council due to ownership issues. In the Neasden area, alleyways are usually considered private property, owned by residents whose properties back on to the alleyway.

Residents are now delighted that the yellow van and another car which was also in front of the has now been cleared up.

Another Day Another Mattress

This time it’s Ashcombe Park in Neasden. These problems are being experienced all across Brent and have been since the Lib Dems introduced a £25 to take bulky items from residents. Labour have pledged to scrap this charge should we regain control of the Council in May 2010.

There was also a mini fridge left by a tree on this road recently.

The state of out alleyways are also horrific. See what I found in the alleyway between Chartley Avenue and Ashcombe Park below.

Where are our Lib Dem Councillors to deal with these issues?