Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies

Councillors as part of their remit are appointed to bodies as board members or serve on committees.

Within the Council, I will be chairing the Willesden Area Consultation Forum. I will blog separately on the forum and what it involves. I have also been appointed as Vice Chair on the Forward Plan Select Committee and I will also serve on the Welsh Harp Joint Consultative Committee.

I have been appointed onto the boards of the following:

  • Brent Learning Disabilities Partnership
  • Fortunegate Community Housing

Willesden Area Consultation Forum Tonight

Next forum meeting

7.30pm Wednesday 7 October 2009


College of North West London
Denzil Road
NW10 2XD

Wards covered
Dollis Hill, Dudden Hill, Welsh Harp, Willesden Green

Main presentation

Waste Transfer Stations (Toxicologist and visiting professor Paul Connett from the USA will talk on the potential impact of these facilities on the environment
Other presentations

Safer Neighbourhood Team – focus on Mobile CCTV

Neighbourhood Working

LB Barnet development proposals for Cricklewood Sidings

Brent Local Involvement Network

During the break officers, speakers and your local ward councillors will be present to answer your questions.

Source: Brent Council

Area Consultation Forums

Following a summer break, Brent Council now has upcoming Area Consultation Forums (ACFs) in areas around Brent.

There are five Area Consultative Forums to give local people a say about the issues which matter to them. At each meeting, residents, businesses and community representatives are able to raise questions about services provided by the council and other agencies in Brent. Chaired by a Councillor, each area forum meeting is open to the public and is held during a weekday evening in an accessible venue.

At each meeting, there is also a ‘Soapbox slot‘ for residents to express their views and concerns about issues that affects them directly or indirectly. You may attend any forum meeting of your choice.

More information on the five forums

Take a look at each area forum page for more information including: venue, minutes from previous meetings plus dates & times of future meetings.

source: Brent Council

Whilst there is still room for improvement when it comes to actual public input for implementation, the forum still provides a useful avenue in which to collect information and know about what is happening in your area.

London Crime Mapping System

I recently attended the Willesden Area Consultation Forum held at the College of North West London where one of the presentations of the evening came from the Safer Neighbourhood Team. It was a very informative presentation with bags of information.

A new crime mapping system has been launched by the Metropolitan Police in which it is possible to look at crime levels broken down at the Borough, Ward and Subward levels. The data used to compile the  mapping system is updated monthly and has been an effective practical tool for the Police, as it has allowed them to identify crime hotspot areas more efficiently so that they can concentrate their efforts accordingly.

Contact details for all Safer Neighbourhood Team representatives are also publicly available through the following website:

LINK (Brent Safer Neighbourhood Teams)