Traffic Cones on Ashcombe Park

Traffic cone.
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Residents may have noticed a set of traffic cones that have been left on Ashcombe Park for a couple of weeks now. These have been left there in the space leading up to The Circle after of works that were carried out by Thames Water on this road. I contacted them on 20th April to inform them that they had not cleared the area as they should have.

They have finally called me today confirming that they will clear up the area by the end of today. If this is still not the case, I will be following up on this.

Cairnfield Avenue Area- Public Consultation on proposed 20 mph zone

A consultation document should have by now gone out to all residents in The Circle, Chartley Avenue, Avondale Avenue, Ashcombe Park and Cairnfield Avenue on a proposed 20 mile per hour zone.

My View

With the proposal presented as it is at the moment, I will be voting no. I think having these roads operating in a 20 mph zone would be a good thing, but I am unhappy with the sheer amount of speed bumps that are proposed to be implemented (SEE PLAN HERE). It should be a 20 mile per hour zone that is better enforced without bumps because the roads are too narrow for cars to be travelling and speeds any higher.

Cairnfield Avenue does already have bumps on a section of the road after a sharp bend. I think this is sufficient. I think residents will eventually be unhappy with the sound of cars bumping up and down as they drive past.

The consultation would have also gone out to residents living in Dollis Hill Ward. I think they have other issues and residents there may have differing views because there are additional safety concerns due to there being two schools with large pupil numbers in and around the roads that surround the area where this scheme is proposed.

Residents have until 4th April 2011 to respond to the consultation. For more details see here (LINK)

Dudden Hill Labour makes Lib Dem Council improve your street: Ashcombe Park

Following more Lib Dem neglect, the street paving at a section of Ashcombe Park was horrific as the picture below shows:

Ashcombe Park kerb damage

After Labour action, this has now been fixed:

Where are our Lib Dem Councillors to deal with these local issues? Is there more to the Dudden Hill Lib Dems than just leaflet delivering?

Horrendous state of kerbs on Ashcombe Park and also Lovat Close

More Lib Dem neglect on Ashcombe Park and also Lovat Close in the Neasden part of the ward that I have had to report to the Council due to the current crop of Lib Dem Councillors not seeming to bothered about Dudden Hill.

Ashcombe Park kerb damage
Lovat Close damaged kerb

Another Day Another Mattress

This time it’s Ashcombe Park in Neasden. These problems are being experienced all across Brent and have been since the Lib Dems introduced a £25 to take bulky items from residents. Labour have pledged to scrap this charge should we regain control of the Council in May 2010.

There was also a mini fridge left by a tree on this road recently.

The state of out alleyways are also horrific. See what I found in the alleyway between Chartley Avenue and Ashcombe Park below.

Where are our Lib Dem Councillors to deal with these issues?