Well done to both Labour and the Conservatives on providing better representation for ethnic minorities in Parliament

A record number of ethnic minorities have been elected to Parliament.

There are now 27 ethnic minority MPs, 11 more than were produced at the 2005 General election. Sadly we lost Dawn Butler in Brent Central, who was the first (and so far only) black female Government Minister in the House of Commons.

Sadiq Khan was re-elected as MP for Tooting running a fantastic ‘Yes We Khan’ campaign. Unfortunately, Maryam Khan was unsuccessful in repeating this success in Bury North. Priti Patel became the first Conservative Asian female MP. Tory candidate Shaun Bailey was unsuccessful in his quest to become Hammersmith MP. Labour’s Rushanara Ali made history in becoming the first Bangladeshi MP by taking Bethnal Green and Bow from the Respect Party.

Good news for Yasmin Qureshi who was our unsuccessful Parliamentary candidate in Brent East in 2005. She has now been elected as the MP for Bolton South East.

Every single Lib Dem MP is white, and once again, the Lib Dems have failed to contribute to provide us with the representation in Parliament that the United Kingdom deserves, and only the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have contributed to make Parliament more representative of the people.

All the focus seems to be on coalitions, the hung Parliament and the Governance situation, but lets not forget that we have come a long way in the 2010 election on ethnic minority representation.

Nonetheless, we must also not forget that there is still a long way to go before we get 60 ethnic minority MPs, which is the number needed to make Parliament representative of the nation.

Lib Dems and Ethnic Minorities

The Liberal Democrats’ record when it comes to Black and Ethnic Minority representation is woeful. In Parliament, the Lib Dems have NO ethnic minority MPs at all.

The Conservatives fair slightly better by having two ethnic minority MPs and this is projected to get better in the upcoming election.

It is true that ALL political parties need to do much better on this issue, but what is also clear is which party is leading the way in bettering representation of ethnic minorities at the highest level; The Labour Party. We currently have 13.

What’s more, it is an absolute scandal that the Lib Dems did not put forward a single black or ethnic candidate out of a possible 7 for London from the European elections in 2009.

Vote Labour on May 6 for a Parliament that provides better representation to the people.