The Juxtaposition of the Queen’s Speech

“My government is committed to building an economy where people who work hard are properly rewarded. It will therefore continue to reform the benefits system, helping people move from welfare to work.”

But how does this reward people who are working hard?

And for those who are working hard to get a job while on benefits, it’s not benefits that need reforming, surely it’s work and training opportunities.

Voters ‘brainwashed by Tory welfare myths’ The Independent

independent front page 4012012

An interesting front page of the Independent today. It confirms what many have been saying all along. That this Tory Liberal Government are using specific examples and making out as if this is the norm. As if everyone on benefits is workshy and sleeping happily in the home with their curtains drawn while people get up early to go to work in dark hours of the morning.

Indeed this article by Ramesh Patel, a Conservative himself, calls on David Cameron to apologise for his deficit arguments – LINK. He even refers to the Nazi tactic at the end of his article pushed by Joseph Goebbels, that if you repeat a lie over and over, people start believing it, no matter how ridiculous it is – LINK.

In Brent, most people affected by the benefit changes are in low paid work. The Independent article (available online – LINK) says that two thirds of those affected by the cap are in work.

It’s sad that people are believing these Tory Liberal distortions. The article says that polling reveals three in five believe the system has created a culture of dependency.  Brent Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Paul Lorber talked of this culture of dependency at the last Full Council meeting and has done so before, so even a senior Brent Lib Democrat is explicitly using this line of attack.

What we need is a better understanding on the lives affected by these changes. The atmosphere and toxicity that currently exists in society today in the UK towards people who receive benefits, not helped by Government and some parts of the media, is detriment to a peaceful society.

Shocking exposés of people on sickness benefits!

This online newsletter produced by the disability charity Mind shows some shocking facts that the Tory Liberals should take note of about people who claim disability benefits.

Brent continues to fight against benefit fraud

Brent Council continues to wage war on benefit fraud and has secured six separate convictions in the last month against Brent residents who have claimed thousands of pounds of benefits illegally.

The six cheats who fraudulently claimed around £190,000 of benefits include a midwife who lied about her earnings, three tenants who lied about their landlords, a secret property owner, a woman who had thousands of pounds of savings and a fitness instructor who claimed not to have a job.

They have all been found guilty and given a variety of sentences including time in prison, tagging, curfews and community service.

Lead Member for Resources, Cllr Muhammed Butt, said: “I hope this sends a clear message that fraud is crime and crime does not pay. We will pursue anyone who is claiming benefits they are not entitled to. Benefits are for the borough’s most needy residents and not to supplement the lifestyle of greedy fraudsters.”

Brent will continue to pursue fraudsters – through civil courts if necessary – until full repayment of money claimed is made.

To report someone claiming benefits they are not entitled to, call free phone 0800 937 777.