Chaos at Petrol Stations in Brent due to Tory Liberal Government incompetance

Comments from Tory Liberal Coalition Government Minister Francis Maude MP, advising that people should fill up petrol and store jerry cans of fuel have sparked a frenzy of panic petrol buying at petrol stations around the country.

Tonight, I have been at a Council Committee meeting at Brent Town Hall. On my way home, at around 10pm, I passed the BP Petrol station on Blackbird Hill and cars were still queuing to buy petrol.

There is no need to listen to the poor advice given by this Government. Transport Minister Mike Penning MP showed how out of touch the Government were when he claimed that people were not panic buying based on the five petrol stations he claimed to pass on the way to the BBC studios. If only Government Ministers came to Brent to get a real picture of what is happening.

Any strike will have 7 days notice and no date has yet been officially called for a strike.