Roll of kitchen caddy liners to residents in Brent

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Brent Council is giving out free kitchen caddy liners to help people recycle more food waste. The free roll of will come with an information leaflet about Brent’s recycling service and a collection calendar for 2012-2013.

The caddy liners are made from special corn starch material and they’re being delivered to all households this month.

For more information, visit here – LINK


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The new recycling scheme introduced by Brent Council’s Labour administration is exceeding all expectations, with a whopping 50% increase in recycling within the first days of the new waste collection system.

Brent Labour ambitiously promised to bring in plans to more than double the borough’s recycling rate from 28% to 60% in their manifesto leading to the overwhelming Labour victory at the May 2010 Council elections.

Early figures show that blue bin recycling is up from 41 tonnes per day in October last year, to 61 tonnes this year. The figures are bound to improve even further when flats join the new scheme later this year. Hopefully as initial glitches are also ironed out and more people get used to the new system, this will have an even more positive impact on recycling rates in Brent.

Brent Labour has prioritised recycling for environmental reasons, and to save money and protect other council services. Sending recyclable materials to landfill causes huge environmental damage, contaminating land and contributing to greenhouse emissions.

As well as the environmental damage, Tory Liberal landfill taxes mean the Council will save millions of pounds by increasing recycling.

Cllr James Powney, Lead Member for Environment and Neighbourhoods, said:

“I’d like to thank residents for so enthusiastically embracing the new recycling scheme, and making it such a success so early on.

Labour is the only party in Brent committed to increasing recycling, and I’m very proud that we’ve gone ahead with this improved system which will make us one of the greenest borough’s in the country.”

What to do with old green recycling boxes?

Quite a few people have asked me about this. The answer is you can do as you wish. They make for good planter boxes, which is probably what the one at my house will now be used for.

This website explains the change to get Brent recycling more in better detail and answers many commonly asked questions – LINK

When will my bins be collected?

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The Council has developed a web tool that will help you find out which bins will be collected and on what days.

I have tried and tested it by entering my details so it does seem to work!

Simply enter your details on the website here LINK and follow your way through to the pdf calendar, which will give you specific dates for your individual waste collection service.

The right of every English man and woman that their chicken tikka masala, the nation’s favourite dish, the remnants can be put in the bin without the worry that a fortnight later it is rotting and making life unpleasant.

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More than half of all councils have switched to fortnightly collections over the past few years. Eric Pickles has pledged £250million fund to help local Councils switch to weekly collections.

Eric Pickles has justified this as a Government priority by saying that  “I firmly believe that it is the right of every English man and woman that there chicken tikka masala, the nation’s favourite dish, the remnants can be put in the bin without the worry that a fortnight later it is rotting and making life unpleasant.”

At the same time, other rights such as the right to vote is being attacked by the Conservative and Lib Dem Coalition Government.

However Eric Pickles will be delighted that under Brent’s Waste Strategy, he can enjoy his chicken tikka masala on a Friday night, put any leftover waste in his food waste bin and have it collected weekly. His food waste under Brent’s system will be recycled as organic waste weekly. If he wishes to put it in his grey bin which is for non-recyclable material however, it will be collected fortnightly.

But it makes no sense for him to do that as he has the option to put it in his green bin and have it collected weekly.

Hope that makes sense.