Brent Big Health Check Day 2015

On Thursday 10th December, there will be a health check day for Brent people with a learning disability aged 14+, their carers, health and social care workers.

The event will be from 10 am to 3 pm at the Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Brentfield, Harrow Road, Stonebridge NW10 0RG

You can find out more about:
Screening for cancer
Health focus group
How to look after your health
Have your say.
Do some fun exercise

You can come all day or for 1 or 2 hours but you must book before.

Contact Claudia at Brent Mencap to book a place email Claudia at: or telephone Claudia on 020 8451 5278

Smoking Health Harm Campaign Launched

“Every 15 cigarettes smoked causes a mutation that can lead to cancer.”

It’s that time of year when many will be thinking of new year resolutions. Many will have already looked at cutting down or stopping smoking but there will be some who will leave it a few days before they take the plunge and decide on a resolution.

The Department of Health has launched a smoking harm campaign focusing on the immediate damage to the human body from smoking a cigarette.

Quit chewing tobacco!

National Institute for Health and Clinical Exc...
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has issued advice to South Asians in the UK to stop chewing tobacco because of its links to cancer.

In addition, the BBC has reported that “they may also contain other unhealthy ingredients such as areca nuts – a mildly euphoric stimulant, known to be addictive and cancer-causing – and slaked lime, a chemical used to make cement.”

The nicotine content in some of these brands is also higher than that contained in cigarettes, meaning that it is more addictive, and so people feel the need to have more of it.

Read the article in the BBC here – LINK

It is a huge issue among the population in Brent with us having large South Asian populations here. Many local residents are unhappy because of the disgusting red marks that spitting while or after chewing leaves on the streets. However, the impact on people’s health is also another reason to be concerned about chewed tobacco products.