A tale of two Chancellors

Here’s Tory Liberal Government’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne getting booed at the Paralympics.

In complete contrast, here is the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown who served for 11 years as the Chancellor of the Exchequer greeted with cheers at the Aquatics Centre at the Paralympic Games.

Council Tax freeze trap

People should be aware of the political scheming that goes behind a Government offer for a freeze in Council Tax.

Basically, what the Government agrees to do for one year is subsidise a Council Tax rise. Therefore, although it appears as if Council Tax has been frozen, when that subsidy is no longer there the year after, there will be what appears what looks like a Council Tax rise.

In addition, if a Council finds itself needing to increase Council Tax the year after, there will be an automatic double increase in Council Tax, when in reality all that has happened is a single increase from the year previous added to the removal of a Central Government subsidy to freeze Council Tax.

Councils that wish to freeze Council Tax are therefore much better off if they do so in their own accord and not take up the national Government’s offer of subsidising their Council Tax rise.