Lib Dem / Tory Government NHS proposals based on fallacy

The BBC is reporting that the National Health Service in England has set aside nearly £1.7bn this year for reorganisation. This is more than seven times what it aims to save on management! LINK

No consultation, No pilots, and it’s not even in the Lib Dem or the Conservative manifesto to give their private sector GP friends £80 billion of NHS PUBLIC money to play with, which many experts have said will lead to the dismantling of the NHS as we know it. There is no evidence whatsoever that their proposals will improve the service which has moved leaps and bounds since 1997. Indeed, with 23 of the 29 Lib Dem / Tory coalition Government ministers being millionaires, they will not use the Health Service in the way that ordinary people do.  On BBC’s Question Time, Francis Maude admitted that he had opted for Private treatment out of choice on Thursday’s debate – therefore having no experience of seeing the improvements that have been made in the service when he had the opportunity to do so.

Yes, it isn’t a perfect system and there are improvements that are needed, but an overhaul of the whole system as we know it is not the answer. Things aren’t in such a bad state that such a radical approach is needed.

In their manifesto, the Conservative Party claimed that they were the Party of the NHS and now that they are in power,  they want to introduce a system that is radically different to our current universal healthcare system. It was the Labour Party created it, we saved it, we value it and we will always support it. It is easily forgotten that in 1997, 284,000 patients waited more than 6 months for an operation. The figure today is almost zero. Waiting lists have fallen by over 500,000 and waiting times are now at their lowest level. Indeed waiting lists were a major issue under Tory Britain and now, not even a whimper.

We delivered the largest hospital building programme in its history, with 118 new hospital schemes opened and a further 18 under construction. The Tories claimed throughout the election campaign that Labour did not fix the roof while the sun was shining… WRONG! This is exactly what the Labour Party did achieve, literally, and the evidence lies right within the Central Middlesex NHS hospital in the London Borough of Brent. Extraordinary improvement in what quite frankly was once a dilapidated hospital.

That’s the Labour NHS legacy.

Residents ecstatic at change on Bermans Way and Leeland Way

During the election campaign, I sent the following letter out to residents of Bermans Way and Leeland Way – (Letter to residents of Bermans Way and Leeland Way).

It was regarding this eyesore that had residents angry for years. My predecessors did nothing about it. It was ignored by the people who should by the duty of their role care about issues like this that residents are rightly furious about. I would hate to live with a dump like that on my road.

The Lib Dem introduction of a £25 for bulky item collection had made it easier to dump and unfortunately for residents on Bermans Way and Leeland Way, they had become victims of Lib Dem policy.

A week into my tenure as a Councillor and skips were around to deal with the dump. This is what it looks like now after the clear up.

The scrapping of the £25 bulky items charge will mean that scenes like this will become a thing of the past.

Dudden Hill Labour makes Lib Dem Council improve your street: Ashcombe Park

Following more Lib Dem neglect, the street paving at a section of Ashcombe Park was horrific as the picture below shows:

Ashcombe Park kerb damage

After Labour action, this has now been fixed:

Where are our Lib Dem Councillors to deal with these local issues? Is there more to the Dudden Hill Lib Dems than just leaflet delivering?

Dudden Hill Labour makes Lib Dem Council improve your street: Dewsbury Road

Following the pressure the pressure that Dudden Hill Labour have been applying on the Council regarding Street Care on Dewsbury Road (LINK 1) (LINK 2), some significant changes have been noted in recent weeks. See below:

Improvement on Dewsbury Road
Dewsbury Road improvement

Result for Denzil Road, Selbie Avenue and Severn Way

Following the problems I uncovered on Denzil Road (LINK), Selbie Avenue and Severn Way (LINK), I wrote to the Transportation team explaining the situation as below:

I have recently been talking to residents from Denzil Road, Severn Way and Selbie Avenue.

These roads are in dire need of resurfacing. Nearly all the slabs on the pavements are cracked. Even more disturbingly, outside xx Severn Way and on various points adjacent to the College of NorthWest London on Selbie Avenue, there are dangerously damaged kerbs in urgent need of repairing.

I have since received the following response:

Dear Mr Hirani

I refer to your recent e-mail regarding the condition of the footway and carriageway at the locations stated below. These locations have been inspected and areas of defective footway and carriageway which meet the councils criteria for repair were identified and marked with white spray paint. These repair works will consist of large areas of footway upgrade in Denzil Road whilst patching works will be undertaken in Severn Way and Selbie Avenue.  An order for the repair of these defects will be issued to our contractors for completion within 21 days.

Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention. If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Maintenance Engineer

Highway Engineering

The same questions and issues arise.. Labour have acted and made the Lib Dem Council improve these roads. Where were your elected Lib Dem Councillors to report this issue?

Stay tuned for more blogging on results achieved on Dewsbury Road.