Three Government departments oppose UK carbon emission targets but force Brent to pay Carbon Tax ‘out of the blue’

The BBC has revealed that three government departments have opposed a policy for curbing greenhouse gas emissions (LINK).  The three Departments are Transport, the Treasury and Business, Innovation and Skills. The Guardian has also revealed that Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable has ‘refused to support new carbon reduction targets recommended by the Committee on Climate Change’ (LINK) cashing with the Lib Dem Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne.

Meanwhile the Government has imposed the Carbon Tax to local council’s shedding their responsibility for dealing with pollution to local authorities, when climate change is clearly a problem that needs tackling on a national and international scale also.

As a result, Brent Council has had to pay nearly half a million pounds towards the Carbon Tax at the same time as having our budget reduced by £105 million. The Carbon Tax was highlighted as a service area cost pressure in Brent’s budget (LINK), largely because it was an unexpected cost that was bunged on to Councils.

Lib Dem Hypocrisy: Alternative Vote system (when Gordon Brown offered a referendum on it)

“A miserable little compromise”

Nick Clegg dismissed the alternative vote (AV) system proposed by the Prime Minister as “a baby step in the right direction”, and said he would not settle for “a miserable little compromise thrashed out by the Labour Party”.

– The Times, 22 April 2010

Chris Huhne said: “Gordon Brown has undergone a deathbed conversion to electoral reform now that defeat is staring him in the face, but the alternative vote does not give voters enough power.”

– Daily Mail, 3rd February, 2010

“Only the Single Transferable Vote in multi-member seats would abolish MPs’ meal tickets for life, and we will fight to amend this proposal to give people a real choice for a more significant change.”

– Lib Dem Press Release, 1st Feb 2010

Now they will be offering a referendum on it, it is no longer a miserable little compromise.