Brent Council executive approve fresh approach to Church End regeneration

ChurchEnd Market SaveTheNHS petition
At Church End Market

Last week at the Council’s Executive meeting, the Labour run administration agreed to get officers to develop and publicly consult on a new mixed use development on the Council owned section of land in this area, which will also include the provision of a new market square. The council’s intention is to secure planning permission and seek a developer partner to develop the site.

Over the last 10 years ago, there have been quite a few plans coming forward from the main landowner in this area, Catalyst, but due to unforeseen circumstances, issues such as the way housing partners need to fund schemes, etc, it has been difficult to get these plans going.

Church End is identified as one of the five borough Growth Areas and as a Priority Neighbourhood in the Council’s Regeneration Strategy.

This decision means we are looking at options to kick start the regeneration of the Church End local centre by developing proposals to bring forward a more rationalised development on the Council owned land within the car-park.

Although the proposals would deliver fewer homes than a comprehensive redevelopment of the area the scheme would still involve the provision of a new public square which would provide a permanent home for the Church End market. The new market square will be designed to be publicly accessible to all.

No doubt there will be scepticism as many plans have emerged over the last ten years, but I am personally committed to do what I can to drive this forward.

To see the decision document, click on the LINK

Hundreds in Dudden Hill say no to Tory-Liberal NHS reforms

In the space of two hours, over 300 people signed a petition opposing changes to the NHS coming from the Tory-Liberals.

As part of Labour London Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone’s day of action on the NHS, the Brent Labour Party were talking to people at the Saturday Church End Market in Dudden Hill Ward and many were concerned with the Government changes to our NHS.

The way the Government has gone about these changes has been a total fiasco. It has failed the first test of reform with Doctors, Nurses and other health professionals opposed to Andrew Lansley’s personal pet project manufactured in partnership with Lib Dem Minister Paul Burstow.

I think the Tory Liberals are finally coming round and realising that the change originally proposed was a change that would make Health provision in this country worse, not better and that is why they embarked on a pause and reflect period in their reforms. This is welcome. However, I believe the Health Bill is rotten to the core and if the Coalition are serious about making positive reforms, they need to withdraw the current Bill from Parliament and start again with a new Health Bill from scratch.


Councillor Advice surgery update for 21st May 2011

Logo for the College of North West London

On Saturday 21st May, the College of North West London will be hosting an enrolment day. If you would like to see more information about this, please visit their website here – LINK.

I usually run a Councillor advice surgery on the thrid Saturday of every month at the Dudden Hill campus of the College. However, the building will be unavailable for this purpose on Saturday 21st May and therefore my surgery will not be running at the college this Saturday.

If anyone wishes to see me for advice, I will make myself available at the Church End Market from 11am to 1pm so please come and find me if you have any issues to raise with me.

Gold chain thieves arrested: Willesden and Brent Times

Last month I blogged on an increase in incidents of gold chain snatching LINK.

The Willesden and Brent Times are reporting that two people have been sentenced for robbery in a police crackdown on thieves who snatch valuable jewellery from people walking by.

Brent police launched a massive undercover operation in August to find and arrest thieves who were grabbing gold chains from the necks of innocent victims.

The operation was launched in response to an unprecedented crime wave of jewellery muggings with some 90 reported in 12 weeks. Church Road market in Dudden Hill Ward, and Ealing Road market in Wembley, were flagged up as particular hotspots although as my article says, incidents were not restricted to these two areas.

In the first case, a 14-year-old youth from Harlesden, was sentenced to a six month parenting order and a supervision referral order for 12 months at Brent Youth Court for attempted robbery. The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, followed a woman, 47, as she walked home in Neasden.

As she turned into Denzil Road, the youth stopped her and asked for the time. He then grabbed her by the neck and left shoulder and threw her to the floor before trying to pull a gold chain from her neck. Passers by heard her scream and ran over to help.

Fortunately, officers were nearby and stopped the 14-year-old from running off. He was arrested for robbery. He later pleaded guilty at court.

A PCSO on duty with two police constables. Not...

Detective Sergeant, Mark Fletcher, from the Priority Crime Unit, said: “This suspect was arrested as a result of public spirited citizens and police coming to the assistance of a lone female who was being subjected to a cowardly attack.

“Brent police are dedicated to pro-actively patrolling the streets, looking for suspects concerned in robbery offences. We will continue this positive action in order to identify, arrest and convict robbery offenders.”

Source: Willesden & Brent Times