Brent Central MP and Tory Liberal Minister Sarah Teather ridiculed in the national press

Brent Central’s Tory Liberal Coalition MP Sarah Teather has been ridiculed in the national press after her attempt to add humour to her speech at the Lib Dem Conference in Birmingham fell flat. Sky News has covered what happened here – LINK


Left Foot Forward: Former Coalition economic adviser says that slower cuts are “common sense”

Interesting article on the evidence based blog Left Foot Forward, in which it is revealed that a former adviser to the Lib Dem Tory Coalition Government has denounced the speed of the cuts that the Government is choosing to implement. LINK TO THE ARTICLE

Government purchases 9,000 Olympic tickets

2012 Summer Olympics

The BBC is reporting that the Tory Liberal Government has bought 9,000 tickets for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Brent Council was given the opportunity to buy tickets but we thought it was unacceptable to purchase them at a time when we are being forced to cutback on public services. It raises the question of whether we are really all in this together.

It is disappointing that that the Government has decided to purchase such an extravagant amount.

University Chief says the Coalition Ministers were wrong over tuition fees

Source: Left Food Forward - Nick Clegg before the election, holding up a signed pledge that he will not increase tuition fees

At the same time as fees going up, Universities have had their funding slashed by 80 per cent. When the Lib Dems and Tories raised the cap on tuition fees, they said that £9,000 per year fees would be the exception and that they expected Universities to charge around the £6,000 a year mark.  

Instead, raising the cap limit and removing a big chunk of funding away from our prized institutions at the same time, has left Universities with little choice but to charge higher fees.

Read the BBC article here LINK.

Lib Dem Councillors attack Coalition Government for local government cuts

80 senior Lib Dem Councillors across the country have spoken out against the Coalition spending plans, saying that they are too much and too fast.  Brent is being forced to cut £104 million out of a budget of £260 million over the next four years.

LINK to article on BBC

Sarah Teather: The Deficit Deceiver

Anyone who believes like Sarah Teather does in the myth that Labour is to blame for the deficit and that spending under Labour was out of control should read this report here LINK.

The study from the well respected Institute for Public Policy Research dispels the rhetoric from Sarah Teather who is on record here (LINK) twisting the truth by saying the following:

“For years Labour spent more money than the country could afford.”

“It is absolutely vital that we pay back the massive deficit racked up by the last Labour Government”

Liberal Democrat and Brent Central MP Sarah Teather

This view is totally dispelled in the non-party political report which reveals the following:

“deficits widened and debt increased, though in 2007–08 they were smaller than in 1996–97”

“Current government spending was at the same level as in 1996–97 and a little less than government receipts, so the deficit on the current budget was smaller.”

“Spending on interest and social benefits fell; other current spending, particularly on health, education and policing, increased.”

“Charges that the Coalition are tackling ‘Labour’s debt’ and ‘Labour’s deficits’, or that Labour let spending run out of control before the recession, do not stack up. Deficits increased and debt soared during the recession, not before it.”

Institute for Public Policy Research

It would be “immoral” to “burden the next generation with higher debts” – The Liberal Democrats

The Coalition of cabinet millionaires just do not have a clue how difficult their intention to treble fees will make going to University for young people from middle and lower income families.

They have benefitted themselves having free higher education and now they want people to pay up to £9,000 a year in fees. If we’re all in this together, every MP who votes for the fee cap rise should pay £27,000 into the higher education system.


They are intent on tackling the deficit within one Parliamentary term because they say that the economy should not be built on a foundation of debt. But they think it’s ok for young people to be consigned with debts of up to £50,000 and build their whole lives on a foundation of debt. Where is the logic in that?

When they wanted to sell these extreme cuts, the Conservative and Liberal Democrats would turn moist-eyed and say it was “immoral” to “burden the next generation with higher debts.” So as a solution they have introduced a program that will burden the next generation with much higher debts.

Johan Hari, the Independent

During the years when young people have begun to work, are at the prime age to start up families and enter the housing market for the first time, a chunk of their disposable income will be removed from them at the time when they are in most need of it as they will have to deal with their student debt – thereby affecting their future life choices.

The Lib Dem comeback seems to be that it’s all Gordon Brown and the previous Labour Government’s fault. I disagree strongly – but you can blame Gordon Brown all you want… it doesn’t change the fact that Nick Clegg lied.

Sarah Teather already begins to politicise the cuts

The political aim from Sarah Teather will be to pass on as much of the blame as possible to local Councils. Governments get politically slaughtered for making cuts to Departments such as Health where local authorities have less control.

In Brent we have been asked to make £94 million cuts to our budget. Our total budget for the last financial year was in the region of £260 million which should give you an idea of the scale of cuts we’re being forced to make. With around 80% of our funds coming from central Government, any rhetoric that these are cuts that Councils are making is deceptive.

Coalition Minister Sarah Teather has already sent out a propaganda leaflet which targets the Labour Council for making these cuts. But if we don’t make cuts, then administrators come in and make these cuts for us. It’s worth noting that the cuts are more directives from the Government as many are because of Central Government money that was set out for certain schemes being slashed.

In the 1980s, the Thatcher Government made cuts that were designed to pass the buck towards local authorities as much as possible. In addition, Tory Councils were hit less by the cuts in comparison to Labour controlled authorities.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and history repeats itself. Labour controlled Councils are being hit disproportionately by the cuts imposed by the Con Dem Coalition Government.