Finally… Lights back on at the Neasden Lane roundabout approach

The lights are now back on and working at the Neasden Lane underpass. It’s been a hazard for users of the road at night. I blogged on the issue a few months ago – LINK

I will be inquiring on why it took so long, what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future, and how many Road incidents occurred whilst the lights were out.

Lights still out on the Neasden Lane approach

Anyone driving from Blackbird Hill towards the direction of Willesden and Harlesden would have noticed that for a while, there have been no lights towards the Neasden roundabout approach. It is now becoming a joke, as it has not been rectified for months now. I have reported it and so has Willesden Green Councillor Lesley Jones.

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5. Labour’s Team for Brent – A Multi-Racial Team for a Multi-Racial Borough

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£25 Charge really is a ‘Dumpers Charter’

12 day delay on bulky items collection

but illegal dumps removed within 48 hours

As soon as they came to power, the Lib Dem and Tory coalition, which governs Brent scrapped Labour’s free bulky refuse collection service in favour of a £25.00 charge. Since then dumping has reached epidemic proportions as local residents dump items rather than pay the £25.00 charge.

Local residents long ago christened the charge ‘the Dumpers’ Charter’ and the experience of Willesden Green Labour Councillor Lesley Jones, proves that it really is a ‘dumpers charter’ as dumped items are moved more quickly than items paid for by responsible local residents.

Councillor Jones booked a bulky item collection (for a mattress) online on 27 November and paid for the mattress to be cleared but she has been told that she will have to wait until 8 December before the Council comes to collect the mattress – a delay of TWELVE days. Councillor Jones has since received confirmation from the Council that illegal dumps are cleared within 48 hours. In other words, irresponsible residents who dump rubbish illegally to avoid the £25.00 charge have their bulky items removed within 48 hours whilst responsible residents who pay the charge can expect to wait for up to TWELVE days.

Councillor Jones said:

“The £25.00 charge really is a ‘Dumpers Charter’ as it encourages people to dump rubbish to avoid the charges then rewards them by collecting their items more quickly than those which are being disposed of legally. It doesn’t make any sense at all and thank goodness the Labour Party is pledged to abolish the charge as soon as we return to power”.

Read more from Lesley on the issue on her site: LINK

Labour Funds New Open Space in Willesden

Labour Councillor Lesley Jones has been campaigning for years to improve the neglected Learie Constantine open space in Villiers Road Willesden and she is delighted that the Labour government has come to the rescue with over £1 million to from its ‘Playbuilder scheme’ to refurbish the Learie Constantine Open space and many others throughout the borough. As a result, a public park will be created with children’s play equipment, seating and the installation of secure boundaries to ensure that neighbours’ privacy is protected.

Councillor Jones said:

“I’ve been nagging the council for years about this open space – it is vandalised and near derelict – so I’m delighted that the Labour government has stumped up the money to create an open space which will add to the amenity of the area and provide much needed play opportunities for children aged 9 to 13”.


50 managerial jobs cuts will be immediate. Read an exerpt from Councillor Lesley Jones’ blog on the issue below:

Brent Council’s Lib Dem/Conservative administration is planning the loss of 50 managers by next April. Some staff have already been told they will be made redundant.  Morale is generally low.  To some, reducing managerial roles appears good housekeeping.  But in some situations management roles are essential.  For example, experienced social workers are hard to recruit.  If the majority of staff in social services roles are newly qualified or lack experience, they need the guidance and support of skilled managers.  Likewise, where the council’s services are contracted out, there have to be managers to monitor that services are delivered to specification.  The point is, that any decisions about reducing managers should not be savings led, but must be guided by individual service needs and good sense – not skills in abundance amongst the current administration.

Councillor Lesley Jones