Consultation begins for on-street parking changes

The Parking Service will be undertaking an extensive consultation with Brent’s residents, schools, traders and businesses about proposed changes to parking charges and the management of on-street parking in Controlled Parking Zones.

car parkThe consultation will be open for 4 weeks, commencing 13th April to 10th May 2016.

There are 40 CPZs in the borough, with 33,000 on-street parking places serving 56,000 households. Currently all households are eligible for up to three parking permits for their own vehicles and unlimited visitor permits. With such pressure on demand, the transportation team are working with residents and businesses to shape a new approach to manage demand for parking spaces and encourage people to use more sustainable transport wherever possible.

The primary aim is to manage high levels of demand for parking spaces, whilst improving road safety, reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, and supporting local businesses. A key aim is to help residents to park near to their homes.

The items that are being consulted on are;

  • freezing charges in pay and display bays across the borough
  • a new scheme of charges for visitor parking in Controlled Parking Zones
  • a proposal to cap the availability of visitor permits
  • withdrawing the Visitor Household Permit offer
  • introducing a new permit for residents who need care and support
  • revising schools’ permits to encourage staff to minimise their parking impact and encourage better school travel planning
  • a proposal to limit residents’ permits to a maximum of two per household
  • simplifying the emissions-based charging scheme for residents’ permits, with increased charges for cars that create more air pollution
  • introducing a new trader permit which could help local businesses such as plumbers, electricians and other building trades
  • introducing a £25 supplement for diesel vehicles to reflect their recognised impact on air pollution
  • introducing a minimum permit charge of £25 for all vehicle types
  • reducing the permitted size of vehicles eligible for resident permits by introducing a weight limit of 3.5 tonnes.

Alongside the consultation there will be a number of workshops and meeting with residents, schools and businesses to hear their views.

There are no proposals on the boundaries and times of operation for our CPZs, but there is a commitment to do so in the near future.

You can access the consultation via the following LINK

EXCLUSIVE: Brent Lib Dems sign to Call In Executive decisions and fail to turn up to Council meeting

Last night, on the agenda at the Forward Plan Select Committee were call ins of Executive decisions on the land use at Coniston Gardens, Waste Strategy and CPZ vehicle emission based pricing adjustment.

Kudos to Councillors Beck and Ashraf who did attend the meeting to convey their concerns to the committee and demonstrated their reasons for signing the call in by actively engaging and asking questions. The same cannot be said about the other Councillors Hayley Matthews, Simon Green, Ann Hunter who signed for the Call In as mentioned by my colleague Cllr James Powney here – LINK.

Councillors signing for call ins and then not turning up are causing embarrassment to proceedings on the committee and the system in general. At the previous Forward Plan meeting, items were on the agenda as called in and then embarrassingly skipped or skimmed over as there was confusion as to what the reason for the call in was.

Surely Councillors that sign to call in a decision should turn up to the meeting they asked for the item to be discussed at, if they are remotely interested in receiving a response.

Parliament select committee Finland

Are the Brent Lib Dems interested in the detail of policies and providing scrutiny to make policy better or are they just opposing decisions for opposition’s sake?

Let me give you one example of a recent occurrence which has led me ask this question. The 11th August meeting included a call in on the ‘Criteria for Transport Services’ and a reason cited was ‘to review the findings of the Equality Impact Assessment’ (LINK – see item 5b), which at the time had not been completed. To call in decision based on concerns regarding a document which does not exist is beyond me.

Response to CPZ extension in Dudden Hill Ward

I recently posted, informing about the consultation for the proposed extension of the Controlled Parking Zone affecting Dudden Hill ward.

cairnfield street car

Read below my response to the Council’s consultation:

Implementation of any such scheme needs to be tailor made according to the street. The current proposal has been lazily put about.

I have consulted multiple residents on many streets that will be inevitably affected by the CPZ extension and have found a varied response according to each road. On my road, parking is not a problem during the proposed extension hours and residents are opposed to the scheme.

However towards the shopping centre, some residents do agree with the proposal in principle but feel that they are being held to ransom by the Council for the right to park outside their own home.

In addition, this consultation has been rushed and the window for submitting responses has not been open for long enough; especially taking into consideration the postal difficulties that have been experienced Londonwide due to the postal strikes.

I also failed to meet a single resident (after knocking on many many doors) who has sent a complaint to deem this extension a worthy enough action to pursue.

Whilst in principle, if residents do demand it, a CPZ extension may not be such a bad idea, I am very sceptical of the Council’s reasons for bringing this proposal in and fear that it is merely another way to raise quick revenue.

If the Council are going to force money out of residents to park outside their homes, they should at least invest that money to rebuild our roads, which are in dire need of resurfacing.

Krupesh Hirani

Extension to Controlled Parking Zone in Neasden

Brent Council has proposed an extension zone to the current parking zones in the Dudden Hill Ward stretching towards the Neasden area.

Current restrictions only apply on Wembley Stadium event days. The new proposals would see them applied during working hours, Monday to Friday. Residents will however now have to pay for their permits as well as for visitor permits, where previously, Stadium event day permits were free for main cars.

The consultation period runs is still open for people to respond to and will be ongoing until 9th October. Further details can be found on the following link: CONSULTATION