Free Fireworks display – Saturday 5th November at 6pm to 10pm in Barham Park

Following Lib Dem and Tory cuts to Brent Council, there will not be a Diwali parade along Ealing Road like there was last year. However, there will be a free fireworks display at Barham Park to celebrate fireworks night and Diwali on Saturday 5th November from 6pm to 10pm. The Funfair at the park will start at 6pm with fireworks at 8.30 pm with lasers. The event is scheduled to close at 10pm.

Visitors are advised not to drive to the event as it is on a Wembley Stadium Event day and therefore parking is restricted in the area and if you park without a permit, your car may be towed.

You can use the following bus routes to get to the event: 18,92, 182, 204, 245. The actual address for the Park is, Barham Park, Sudbury HA0 2HB.

If the event cannot go ahead on 5th November because of bad weather,  it will be postponed to Sunday 6 November 2011.

A worrying trend in Brent

I have come across a worrying fact through the Partnersip and Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee, of which I am a member. Since January 2009, the amount of women seeking JobSeeker’s Allowance (JSA) in Brent has doubled.

More work needs to be done to help people find sustainable employment. For this, we need investment and to encourage economic growth. Not slash and burn and risk the economic recovery by trying to cut the deficit to fast.

Brent Councillors March for the Alternative

Brent Labour Party Councillors participated in Saturday’s demonstration in support for the argument that there is an alternative way to address the deficit without needing to make cuts so fast and so deep.


Labour Councillors across the country, as well as Tory and Lib Dem have had to make difficult choices to balance budgets because of front-loaded cut targets imposed on them due to the Government’s deficit reduction plan. I marched sporting my London Young Labour T-shirt under the Brent Central Labour Party banner along with members of the Dudden Hill Labour Party and other Brent Labour members and Councillors because we disagree with the Government’s method of reducing the deficit which goes too deep and is too fast.

March With Ken for the alternative – 26th March 2011

A Brent Labour delegation will be going to he March on 26th March 2011. The march is to show the Tory Liberal Government that there is an alternative to the drastic fast and deep cuts which are too fast and too deep.

For more information see here – LINK

Cuts that Brent Council has to make are changing all the time

Figures on the cuts that Brent Council has to make are having to be revised and the number is only getting bigger each time. During the time of this post here (LINK), I mentioned that we would have to make cuts in the region of £98 million. Recent projections which have taken to account the current and also expected rise in inflation following the hike in petrol prices and VAT mean that this figure is now around £104 million.

Brent Council disproportionately impacted by Osborne’s ideological cuts

Following the Comprehensive Spending Review, Brent will not know in detail our precise settlement from Sarah Teather’s Coalition until mid-December.  What we do know is that these cuts will be front-loaded.

To put things into perspective, there are two astonishing facts about Teather’s Government’s cuts.

1.       The average cut that Departments have to make following the Comprehensive Spending Review fall in the region of 19%

2.       Brent Council has to make cuts of 27%

That’s right 27% – making the cuts disproportionately impact on local Councils. Indeed the cuts are designed to have the face of the Local Authority on them when in fact they are stemming from the Coalition Government.

I’ll be blogging more on the cuts in the next few days and weeks ahead.


If anyone had any doubts that these cuts are ideological and out to hit areas most in need this article says it all.


While Brent is having to make cuts in the region of 27%, areas where deprivation is not prominent such as Tunbridge Wells and West Oxfordshire will see their budgets increase by similar levels. This is not fair. Why should Brent have to pay for Budget increases in richer areas.

Civil servants have realised this but there seems to be no desire from the Treasury to budge on this according to the report.

Shhhhh….. Don’t mention the cuts

What has been the single most prominent theme on the public agenda in the last few months?

No, I’m not offering any prizes for guessing. The answer is plain and simply the cuts.

Our MP for Brent Central has nothing to say on the matter on her website – LINK

Instead it’s Christmas cards, Trident, Diabetes and the Jubilee Line. Have the Fib Dems in Brent got something to hide? Maybe that something is the fact that Sarah Teather is a Government Minister.

Sarah Teather votes to cut police numbers

Sarah Teather’s voting record on the public whip website is concerning. This screen grab is just an example of how out of touch she is with what people want in Brent. Sarah Teather has her fingerprints all over the crime scene and has a lot of explaining to do with regards to her voting record.