Dumped vehicles on Avondale Avenue removed

My Safer Neighbourhood Team flagged up an issue that they had limited luck in resolving and asked for me to intervene. This was mainly due to the vehicle having its number plate totally removed making it unidentifiable and causing issues with reporting.

A yellow van had been left dumped outside the alleygate on Avondale Avenue close to the Kenwyn Drive junction. The yellow van was of particular concern as knives had been found inside the vehicle. Other items of rubbish had also been dumped into the van.

Items in alleyways are frustrating for local residents and also Councillors as there is often little that can be done by the Council due to ownership issues. In the Neasden area, alleyways are usually considered private property, owned by residents whose properties back on to the alleyway.

Residents are now delighted that the yellow van and another car which was also in front of the has now been cleared up.