Tories should be fighting for Britain’s interests. Not fighting with each other about Europe

Ed Miliband has got it spot on on this news piece on his website – LINK

Last night we saw what we thought were remnants of an old age problem with the Tories re-emerge as a mainstream split in the Party.

But why Europe? Ex-London Young Labour Chair Christine Quigley  tweeted:


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And she is right. Looking at the list of rebels, I noted the name of a former leader of Brent Council who is now the MP for Harrow East.


Pictured here holding a pledge signed by himself to vote against tuition fee increases, tuition fees were clearly not as strong an issue to rebel against as Europe.


Labour still polling top in Brent

The European elections of May 2009 showed no change in the Party make up of London MEPs.

Brent Council have published the results from the Borough showing that Labour polled top despite the anticipation of a poor showing for Labour. The Conservatives cames second and the Liberal Democrats 3rd. The story of the day was from the Independent, Jan Jananayagam who notched up nearly 5,000 votes.

Full May 2009 European Results in Brent:

Confirmed results
British National Party 1250
Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” 1974
Conservative Party 11994
English Democrats Party 435
Jury Team 340
Liberal Democrats 11370
No2EU: Yes To Democracy 680
Pro Democracy: 249
Socialist Labour Party 540
The Green Party 5007
The Labour Party 15583
The Socialist Party of Great Britain 113
United Kingdom Independence Party 3240
Yes 2 Europe 131
Gene Alcantara 106
Steven Cheung 137
Jan Jananayagam 4867
Sohale Rahman 350
Haroon Saad 95

Source of Statistics: Brent Council

The European results, coupled with Navin Shah’s win for Labour in the 2008 London elections shows that Labour’s showing in Brent bucks the national trend and that we are still a force to be reckoned with in Brent.