Yesterday’s Politician

Alan Duncan MP typifies the type of politician that the people are sick and tired of. The Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton was secretly filmed by Don’t Panic claiming that MPs were “living on rations” and “were treated like s***”.


The Tory MP has been ridiculed on Television following his reaction to his own expenses discrepancies earlier this year:

Another one of his awkward moments include a cringeworthy comment about killing Miss California on BBC’s Have I got News for You.

He is currently the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, meaning if the Conservative Party were to form a Government after the next general election, he would become Leader of the House of Commons. A role which would give him responsibility for Parliamentary reform, Modernisation of the House and MP’s expenses and allowances.

I am disappointed that Conservative Leader David Cameron has decided to stick by his man as he is clearly not fit for the role in which he has been lined up for and lacks the moral decency to fulfil what the public now demand of Parliament after the expenses scandal.