Gladstone Park licensing hours significantly reduced after feedback from residents

Dudden Hill 3 at Park noticeboardLast night I spoke at the Alcohol and Licensing committee meeting which was packed with local residents. It is pleasing to say that common sense has prevailed and the hours of the proposed licensed were significantly changed.

The revisions mean that alcohol has been completely withdrawn from the application and the hours have been severely restricted to Saturdays and Sundays up to 8pm only. It has also been stipulated that there will only be a maximum of five events at the park per year too.

It is a positive thing that these hours amended as totally scrapping and rejecting the license would have meant that Gladstonebury would have had to be cancelled.

Despite the scare mongering leaflets that went out to households from the Brent Liberal Democrats, no Brent Lib Dem Councillors turned up to make representations to the Committee.

There may be further news forthcoming due to the factual inaccuracies in a leaflet from the Brent Liberal Democrats on this issue.

It was also surprising that there was no Brent Liberal Democrat petition submitted at the Committee hearing given that residents have reported that Lib Dem activists had been around trying to collect signatures. It remains to be known what the Lib Dems have done with people’s personal details.


Ward Working contributes to Gladstonebury Park Festival

English: Gladstone Park A gentleman enjoys the...
English: Gladstone Park A gentleman enjoys the autumn sun from the comfort of a bench beneath the Plane trees along the main avenue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not as attention grabbing on a global scale as Glastonbury but locally just as popular. This year, Dudden Hill contributed towards the hiring of the main stage, sound system as well as other set up costs for the Festival held at Gladstone Park.

It is an annual festival held at the Park in Dollis Hill.