Hundreds in Dudden Hill say no to Tory-Liberal NHS reforms

In the space of two hours, over 300 people signed a petition opposing changes to the NHS coming from the Tory-Liberals.

As part of Labour London Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone’s day of action on the NHS, the Brent Labour Party were talking to people at the Saturday Church End Market in Dudden Hill Ward and many were concerned with the Government changes to our NHS.

The way the Government has gone about these changes has been a total fiasco. It has failed the first test of reform with Doctors, Nurses and other health professionals opposed to Andrew Lansley’s personal pet project manufactured in partnership with Lib Dem Minister Paul Burstow.

I think the Tory Liberals are finally coming round and realising that the change originally proposed was a change that would make Health provision in this country worse, not better and that is why they embarked on a pause and reflect period in their reforms. This is welcome. However, I believe the Health Bill is rotten to the core and if the Coalition are serious about making positive reforms, they need to withdraw the current Bill from Parliament and start again with a new Health Bill from scratch.