The absolute end of the road for the NHS?

Jeremy Hunt appointment as Secretary of State for Health is bad for the NHS. This article from the Mirror in 2009 explains why – LINK

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Government Minister calls for new £60m royal yacht for the Queen while cutting Brent’s budget by £104m

Michael Gove with fellow Education Department Ministerial colleague and Brent Central MP Sarah Teather

The hashtag #TheGoveBoat is trending on Twitter as Secretary of State for Education Rt Hon Michael Gove MP has written a plea to his fellow Tory Liberal Government Ministers to be prepared to use taxpayer’s money to pay for a new yacht for the Queen.

The Guardian mentions that “Various efforts have been made to propose a new royal yacht, but have been rejected on the grounds of cost, estimated in 1997 at £60m.” (LINK TO GUARDIAN ARTICLE)

It is totally unacceptable to be spending £60m on a royal yacht while at the same time cutting Brent’s budget by £104 million and making unprecedented cuts to Brent NHS and Brent’s Police.