Cllr Hirani uses Ward working to clear up mess left from Lib Dem neglect

Imagine if you had to live near this………

Well this is what residents who lived off the North Circular Road near Neasden and on Avondale Avenue had to put up with since 2007! Letters had even been sent to the Prime Minister Tony Blair and a written response had been received from Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott on this issue. Yet nothing had been done by the Lib Dem led Council. Through Ward Working, an alleyway clear up project was undertaken and this dump I am glad to say is no more.

Alan Milburn’s appointment is a great advert for Labour

There’s been a great deal of hoo haa over former Labour Party Minister Alan Milburn’s appointment this weekend as the Coalitions Government’s mobility Tsar. John Prescott has branded him a collaborator and Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham has gone on record to say that Milburn should reconsider his position. Whilst I am disappointed with Frank Field’s and John Hutton’s appointments, I’ve come to a different conclusion with Milburn’s appointment.

The appointment represents an acknowledgement of the lack of talent in the Conservative and Lib Dem benches. David Cameron and Nick Clegg clearly do not have anyone within their own party ranks capable or possessing the right qualities to advise on social mobility.

It also signals a bitter blow to the think tank, Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), founded by former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, as the CSJ have been looking into the field of social mobility for years. A Labour politician being given the role disregards the work of the CSJ.

With all the cuts coming from this Government and the lack of investment in young people, his expertise can at least bring some progressive element into this Coalition Government who have done nothing but damage the prospects of young people so far.

The reason I have time for Alan Milburn is his approach to internships. Many MPs exploit the system and give young people internships to avoid paying them a wage, when in fact, they are carrying out roles with job descriptions to which there is a competitive recruitment process. For young people, there is no other route to break into Westminster and no alternative but to take the intern route into politics.

When in Parliament, Alan Milburn was one of the few that paid a national minimum wage to ‘interns’ and all MPs should follow suit.

Why we should all love the NHS

Much has been said in recent weeks regarding our National Health Service. Daniel Hannan MEP in a TV interview with Fox News branded our service as a “60 year mistake” and claimed he’d rather be ill in America, which helped kick start the We Love the NHS campaign; supported by the Labour Party, Trade Unions, the NHS Confederation and Doctors, Nurses and those who have benefitted from the system around the country.

Yes, it is true that there is need for continued investment in our health services; but to brand it a “60 year mistake” is a joke! John Prescott has spoken out against the Tory MEP.

So what makes the NHS so special?

Well… take this hypothetical scenario for example. Imagine you were out one night and you had a misfortunate incident, leaving you unconscious and needing to go to the hospital right away in emergency.

In America: Your wallet would be checked for an insurance card. The hospital that you were taken to would depend on if you had insurance, were carrying your card with you, and even if you did the type of insurance you had would also be a factor.

In Britain: The first call of focus would be on helping you and not checking your insurance and no matter what your race, income or social status, you would be taken to the nearest hospital and treated.

Despite this, Daniel Hannan the Conservative MEP, still believes that you’re better off ill in America than in Britain. I know which system I’d rather live in.