Brent Council aims to save £1m through joint service with Lewisham Council

Brent Council’s cabinet has agreed proposals for sharing its ICT services with Lewisham Council, from April 2016. This new shared service will help Brent towards saving £1m each year in the amount it spends on ICT to support the full range of council services.

Cllr Michael Pavey, Brent’s Deputy Leader, said

“This is an absolutely ground-breaking deal. It will save a huge amount of money whilst safeguarding an outstanding service. The Government have slashed our funding in half, but through creative work like this we can protect essential services for residents.”

Now this has been agreed separately by both Lewisham and Brent’s cabinet, this new partnership will be overseen by a joint committee of two councillors from each local authority, and managed by a senior officer from each council. The two councils will then appoint a new lead officer working in both areas to manage the shared service. As the majority of the staff that will be working for the shared service are currently employed by Brent it was agreed that staff currently employed by either Lewisham or their external ICT supplier will also be transferring to Brent; however all staff will be expected to work across both council locations.

The shared service will be looking to provide services to more organisations going forward in order to reduce costs even further.

Brent has already agreed a target of reducing its overall IT spend by £1.62million a year, and this joint service will make the largest contribution to that savings target.

Under a separate arrangement already in place, Brent Council provides ICT services to the Local Government Association and that income also helps contribute towards reduced costs to the Brent council tax payer.