National Housing Federation research paints grim picture for young people in Brent

Figures from the National Housing Federation have revealed the grim picture about Housing in Brent.

Brent has the second highest waiting list for households on a waiting list. (behind Newham). The average house price in Brent is £322,904. The Gross income needed for a mortgage is a whopping £83,032.

Bare in mind that this is before the unprecedented rise in tuition fees which makes these figures even worse for young people in the future who want to come onto the housing ladder for the first time.

Newham Council is 100% Labour

Following the 2010 Local Elections, a special mention is warranted for the Council result in the London Borough of Newham. All sixty, yes, sixty seats have gone to Labour Councillors! See the list of Councillors sorted by Political Party here – LINK

London’s new Olympic Stadium lies in the Newham Borough, and it seems that the people have entrusted Labour to utilise the Olympic Games to bring about benefits to local people. I will strive to do the same in Brent as we are also a host Borough with Wembley Stadium hosting Football events and Wembley Arena hosting Badminton and Rythmic Gymnastics.