Cracked Kerbs on Severn Way and Selbie Avenue

Following on from the problems I reported when out talking to residents of Denzil Road (LINK), I witnessed further neglect and broken curbs on Selbie Avenue and Severn Way. I wrote to the Council to repair the roads and will be blogging the response I receive.

Damaged Kerb on Selbie Avenue
Selbie Avenue Damaged Curb
Damaged Kerb on Selbie Road
Damaged Curb on Severn Way
Severn Way Kerb

Where are our Lib Dem Councillors to deal with these issues for residents?

Dumping in the Church End Area

More wreckless dumping on the streets in Dudden Hill. This time on Cobbold Road and Franklyn Road.

Cobbold Road
Franklyn Road

The Brent Labour Group has pledged to remove the £25 bulky items charge introduced by the Lib Dems if we regain control of the Council next year.

Where are our Lib Dem Councillors to deal with these issues?

The Writing’s on the Wall at the Town Hall

park graffitiI have highlighted the problem of Lib Dem neglect in Brent and issue of graffiti in the past.

AJ- Town Hall graffiti
Brent Labour Group Leader Councillor Ann John

Now The Liberal Dem led Brent Council is failing to tackle the rising tide of graffiti vandalism even at it’s own Town Hall as the attached photographs taken by Labour Councillor James Powney, illustrate. See pictured Labour Leader, Cllr Ann John next to the offending graffiti outside Committee Room on the second floor at Brent Town Hall.

Councillor James Powney who is also Labour’s Environment Spokesperson, said:

“The Lib Dems cannot even clean up the Town Hall let alone the Borough”.

Fly-tipping on Yewfield Road

I’ve just come back from talking to residents on Yewfield Road where crime was an issue that featured prominantly on residents’ minds. Also apparant were the issue of dumping and fly-tipping which was visible on the road today with a mattress that had been left there on the pavement for days.

What is even more alarming is that a Liberal Democrat Councillor lives on this road!

Yewfield Road Mattress

Problems of fly-tipping have been horrific in Brent since the Lib Dems introduced the bulky items charge of £25. The Brent Labour Group have already pledged to remove this charge if we regain control of the Council next year.

Just back in from the Church End area

I’ve just come back from talking to people in the Church End area with the Labour Action Team and Dawn Butler MP and the level of neglect from the Liberal Democrats is atrocious.

The Lib Dems scrapped the Council provision that offered to take five big items a year from residents free of charge. The Labour Party opposed at the time and still continue to argue strongly on this scrappage and are fighting to bring this service back in.

As feared, dumping of household furniture such as sofa and mattresses has become a common feature on our streets. In the long run, cutting the service has actually increased the costs incurred by the Council in collecting and cleaning up large items.

Parking charges under the Lib Dems have soared through the roof and are due to rise further, despite their election manifesto promises in 2005 not to increase Council Taxes and Parking Charges. Another broken promise from the Lib Dems.

Consequently, the Council is collecting from parking charges. However, where is this money going? the state of the roads in Church End suggests that it definitely is not going back into maintaining and upkeeping the roads.

These are common  examples of the Liberal Democrats increasing taxes but cutting these services and are visible everyday across the whole of Brent and another reason to Bring Labour Back to Brent.