Cairnfield Avenue bend

The Harrow Observer has published a story about an issue in Dudden Hill ward where I am supporting a call from residents to stop cars from parking on a small section of Cairnfield Avenue in the Neasden part of my ward.

The section is on a very sharp bend. When cars or vans park here, visibility is low for drivers and often, because the spaces in between driveways is too small for a standard sized car, residents often find themselves blocked off from leaving their own home in their car.

I have led a site visit from Transport Officers at Brent Council at the location so that they can see what the issue is in person and I have instructed them to go back to the drawing board in working up a scheme for this small section of the road.

Would you like to be part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme?

The Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team are asking residents if they would like to become part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Three burglars in Dudden Hill have been arrested, caught in the process of committing an offence. This was achieved by the Dudden Hill team working on intelligence received from members of the community.

If you would like to become part of a watch, please contact PCSO Sheena Sungum at

Please note that Sheena can only help if you would like to be involved in a scheme in Dudden Hill Ward. To find out who the appropriate contact is for you if you live in another ward in Brent, see this website LINK

Increased incidence of gold chain snatching

At a meeting with Neasden Neighbourhood Watch and my Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team, I was informed that there has been an increased spate of incidents involving gold chain snatching from Asian women.

The Willesden and Brent Times has now reported on the issue – LINK

The article reports of increased incidences in the Church End area, but I am also advised by my Safer Neighbourhood Team that there has also been a wave of gold chain snatching in the Neasden area, surrounding the Shopping Centre. The victims have predominantly been Asian women. The Police have advised to take extra caution and to not expose jewellery for criminals to catch sight of.

Plain clothes officers will be patrolling hot spots where these crimes have been occurring.