The ultimate Nick Clegg U-Turn

Much has been made on Nick Clegg’s U-Turn after breaking the Lib Dem pledge not to increase tuition fees. Here is a video where Nick Clegg says that he would never join a Conservative Government.


Interesting conversation with a Dudden Hill resident yesterday afternoon

Thought I’d share on my blog my conversation exchange with a Dudden Hill resident recently. Yesterday, following my advice surgery at the College of North West London, I was out on the doorstep, talking to local residents asking if there was anything that I could do for them as their local Councillor or if there were any issues that they would like to raise to me or bring to my attention.

To which a Burnley Road resident said to me… “I tell you what you can do for me. Get rid of those two b******* Cameron and Clegg”.

Nick Clegg scoops to even lower lows

Political Scrapbook has highlighted information from the Electoral Commission which reveals that Nick Clegg spent £9,000 on hiring people to be in audiences for ‘public’ Town Hall meetings.

More here: LINK

Lib Dem Hypocrisy: Alternative Vote system (when Gordon Brown offered a referendum on it)

“A miserable little compromise”

Nick Clegg dismissed the alternative vote (AV) system proposed by the Prime Minister as “a baby step in the right direction”, and said he would not settle for “a miserable little compromise thrashed out by the Labour Party”.

– The Times, 22 April 2010

Chris Huhne said: “Gordon Brown has undergone a deathbed conversion to electoral reform now that defeat is staring him in the face, but the alternative vote does not give voters enough power.”

– Daily Mail, 3rd February, 2010

“Only the Single Transferable Vote in multi-member seats would abolish MPs’ meal tickets for life, and we will fight to amend this proposal to give people a real choice for a more significant change.”

– Lib Dem Press Release, 1st Feb 2010

Now they will be offering a referendum on it, it is no longer a miserable little compromise.

Lib Dem Hypocrisy: Child Benefit

“We are not putting child benefit into question. I never have and he (Vince Cable) hasn’t either” said Clegg, giving an unequivocal commitment to universalism and claiming that neither he nor Vince Cable had ever suggested anything else.

(Nick Clegg in an interview with Jeremy Paxman on 12 April 2010)

Now many face the prospect of losing their child benefit.

Lib Dem Hypocrisy: Tuition fees

Sarah Teather used her maiden speech on 27 November 2003 to pledge her opposition to all top-up and tuition fees. She even claimed that fees were a particular issue for the Muslim community. She said:

“Top-up and tuition fees are serious issues of concern to my constituents. All the evidence suggests that fear of debt will deter those from lower income families and ethnic minority communities. This is particularly the case for Muslims – a large community in my constituency – whose attitudes to debt are very different. Fundamentally, I believe that this is about whether we want to encourage a world class education system, or a class based education system where students choose universities according to their ability to pay, and universities are judged on the level of their fees”.

(Sarah Teather, 27 November 2003)

“There is no question mark over the policy of the Lib Dems on tuition fees. There is no question about my personal commitment to that policy. The only question is when we can afford to scrap tuition fees”

(Nick Clegg, 12 November 2009)

“The Liberal Democrats are the only major party to have a clear plan to abolish Labour’s tuition fees”

(Nick Clegg, speaking in Oxford, 28 April 2010)

“We will scrap unfair university tuition fees so everyone has the chance to get a degree, regardless of their parents’ income”.

(Liberal Democrat Manifesto for the 2010 General Election).

Now in Government, the Lib Dems will raise tuition fees to unprecedented levels consigning a generation of young people to a lifetime of debt.

Lib Dem Hypocrisy: Cleaning up politics

“Don’t settle for low politics and broken promises”.

(Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in his introduction to the Lib Dem manifesto 2010)

Now in Government we are seeing a series of broken promises from the Lib Dems who are doing the complete opposite of what they said they stood for furing the 2010election campaign.

Fib Dems give all politicians a bad name

Voters have always been cynical about politicians who make extravagant promises only to renege on them a few months later but never in recorded history has a party betrayed every principle it ever stood for as the Liberal Democrats have done since May 6th.

Before the election, the Lib Dems supported Labour in not wishing to cut too fast too soon for fear of a double dip recession. Now they have supported the largest cuts package in the western world. Before the election they described Tory plans to increase VAT as a ‘secret VAT bombshell’ but they have since voted to increase VAT to 20%. Before the election, they gave a commitment to universal child benefit but they have since supported scrapping child benefit for some middle income families but not others. For years, they promised to abolish tuition fees; indeed it was the subject of Sarah Teather’s maiden speech. Now they are in favour of doubling tuition fees. In March this year, Sarah Teather berated the Tories for planning to abolish subsidised rents for Council and housing association homes; now they support new council tenancies at 80% of market rents and the abolition of security of tenure for those tenants. During the election, the Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg described the alternative vote system (AV) as “a miserable little compromise”. By September he was saying that “AV is infinitely fairer than what we have at the moment”.

Brent Council’s Labour Leader, Councillor Ann M John, OBE has compiled a brief list of Lib Dem quotes made in the run up to the May election all of which have been comprehensively disavowed in the five months since the election.

I will be publishing extracts from the list which is entitled ‘The Fib Dems in their own words’ on my blog page over the next few weeks

Councillor Ann John said:

“The Fib Dems are the harlots of British politics. They will say anything and do anything to get into government. In less than six months they have betrayed every policy they fought the election on. They give all politicians a bad name”.


Lib Dems’ delight at cutting the aspirations of a generation

A picture tells a thousand words. Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander appear joyous and congratulate and pat George Osborne on the back as he delivers his regressive Comprehensive Spending Review.

Nick Clegg sells pure lies to Lib Dem Conference

Polly Toynbee of the Guardian rips into Nick Clegg saying that his messages to his party’s conference simply are not true. In particular she digs deep into Nick Clegg’s claim that Gordon Brown made up statistics and suited those that he could use to show that he was successful in combating child poverty. However, these were internationally recognised measures of child poverty.

Listen to the interview here: LINK