New Dudden Hill Councillor Advice Surgery Location: Gladstone Park Pavilion Cafe

CIMG1102Unfortunately Cafe VIve Iterum (opposite Dollis Hill Tube Station), where Dudden Hill Labour Councillors held regular advice surgery, has now closed down.

Our new surgery location is:

Gladstone Park Pavilion Cafe
Gladstone Park
(Off Kendal Road)

My surgery is held on the 1st Saturday of each month11.00am to 12:30pm

I share my surgery with my co Councillor Aslam Choudry. At least one of us will be present at our surgery. No appointment is required but please ensure that you are a Dudden Hill resident and remember to bring photocopies of your relevant documents.


Delivering positive change at Gladstone Park: New outdoor Gyms an instant success

The new outdoor gym at Gladstone Park has been built and is already proving to be an instant success. Here is a picture taken on Saturday morning with the machines being heavily used by local people.

outdoor gyms being used

It got me thinking that over the last four years, we have successfully pushed for greater use of the park for local people and slowly but surely, we are improving the offer of our local park. Below are just ten ways in which having Labour Councillors at the heart of decision making have helped improve facilities and increase activity at Gladstone Park.

  1. New Multi Use Games Areas
  2. Pavillion Café now open on weekends
  3. Karmarama restaurant to open
  4. Solution to Dollis Hill House
  5. Supporting Gladstone Park Run
  6. Park Walks for all
  7. New Outdoor gym equipment
  8. Ensuring Gladstonbury sustainability and success
  9. New Tennis court surfacing
  10. New landscaping