Image of the Day: Brent Liberal Democrats – No Left Turn

This picture of Sarah Teather’s old office found on the Political Scrapbook’s website ironically features a red traffic light with a no left turn symbol outside the now empty office. In the words of Alanis Morissette, “Isn’t it Ironic?”

Sarah Teather and the Brent Liberal Democrats slammed in Parliament for being hypocritics

Following my blogpost here LINK – covered by the brilliant Political Scrapbook website here LINK the issue of the Brent Central Liberal Democrats political communications during Lib Dem Alison Hopkin’s Dollis Hill Ward by-election campaign has been raised to the Leader of the House of Commons Sir George Young.

In a Parliamentary debate, Angela Eagle MP said:

May I wish everyone a happy international women’s day and welcome the debate later today, for which I thank my hon. Friend the Member for North East Derbyshire (Natascha Engel)? Does the Leader of the House agree that the Justice Secretary should clear his diary to attend it? The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill will halve the number of women entitled to legal aid in domestic violence cases. The Opposition have set out proposals to reduce the legal aid bill without penalising the most vulnerable. Will the Leader of the House explain how the Government’s proposals are fair?

One person who does not think it fair is the junior Education Minister, the hon. Member for Brent Central (Sarah Teather), who spends her day voting for Government cuts and then goes delivering leaflets in the evening asking, “Who can you trust to stop the cuts?” The answer is clearly not the Liberal Democrats. Will the Leader of the House arrange for an urgent debate on Government communications to the electorate to enable her to explain herself?

This was picked up by a number of MPs on Twitter who highlighted the level of Lib Dem hypocrisy on the social networking site:

More MPs commented and people around the country condemned the hypocritical approach of the Brent Liberal Democrats. Brent deserves better than this sort of shameful and shameless set of individuals.

David Cameron is right to raise the issue of binge drinking

Despite the rank hypocrisy highlighted by the Political Scrapbook here (LINK), which describes how David Cameron profited £84,000 from a “binge drinking” bar chain, The Prime Minister is right to raise the issue of binge drinking.

Although the issue in Dudden Hill ward is in a slightly different context compared to what David Cameron is talking about, some of the issues are experienced in my ward, particularly in the Neasden area.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

The Government talk of the soaring costs to the NHS because of excessive drinking. In Neasden, street drinking has an impact on the Council’s resources as people are drinking and throwing cans away on the streets rather than recycling.

In addition, individuals off their heads on alcohol are taking part in anti-social behaviour in surrounding streets and can appear intimidating hanging around in groups in front of people’s houses.

The additional time that the Police have to spend in these hotspot drinking areas is also having a drain on Police resources. In Neasden, I am working with Sergeant Matthew Howard and the Safer Neighbourhood Team along with the Neasden Action Group. Last week I also took the opportunity to raise it with Brent Borough Commander Matthew Gardner.

The Council also has a role to play through licensing. Alcohol is too readily available. It does not help that one in four premises in the Neasden shopping centre sells alcohol; and in some cases, as cheap as £1 a 500ml can of beer.

At the same time, there are underlying issues of jobs and unemployment that have to be addressed on a national scale.

Get your own Dr Fox business cards

WARNING: Sense of humour required.

No I have not joined the Government as an adviser on Defence matters. The brilliant Political Scrapbook have produced a fun website where people can insert their name on to a website and see their own exclusive ‘Adviser to Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox’ Business’ business card complete with the House of Commons Portcullis logo. You can try it out for yourself here: LINK However, please do not go around printing them off and pretending that you work for the Government as you may find yourself in a spot of trouble. 

Nick Clegg scoops to even lower lows

Political Scrapbook has highlighted information from the Electoral Commission which reveals that Nick Clegg spent £9,000 on hiring people to be in audiences for ‘public’ Town Hall meetings.

More here: LINK

Fact: Sarah Teather is the only Brent MP under investigation for expenses irregularities

Councillor Leslie Jones blogs on an article in the Harrow Observer that stated that the Brent East MP, Sarah Teather, is being investigated by the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards forsub-letting her constituency office on Willesden High Road to Brent Liberal Democrats – LINK

Read what Political Scrapbook have said on the issue – LINK