EXCLUSIVE: Brent Lib Dems’ carelessness will ruin Brent’s finances

On a day where the media focus is on the last Budget before the Parliamentary election is called, I turn my attention to the Brent Council Budget of 2010 (Brent Council Budget Presentation 2010 to 2011).

The Brent Liberal Democrats are showing alarming signs that they are unfit to manage public finances. We are already seeing the consequences of their ‘management’ with significant Council job cuts in the pipeline. The holes in their latest Brent budget are more alarming than the potholes on our roads.

They have assumed in their budget that the change in inflation of general expenditure will be 0% in the next year. But the current Retail Price Index rate of inflation stands at 3.7%!

I know of no other body that has made this assumption in their Budgets. On 6th May, Voters will have a choice to Bring Labour Back to Brent to fix the mess that will inevitably be left by this Lib Dem administration.