Cllr Hirani sends comments on Queensbury Pub development calling on the planning application to be rejected

Last night, I submitted an official letter to the planning department at Brent Council on the Queensbury pub development. This was part of my submission to consider as evidence for the planning decision on whether to approve or reject plans brought forward to the Council’s planning department.

I understand concerns in the local community about this pub. The pub is outside of my ward, but I know that it is important to many who live in the ward. I do agree that it is one of the more decent establishments of its kind in the local area. I was personally unaware of the activity for children being run at the Queensbury but from a weblink supplied by a constituent, it does appear that a lot of positive activity does happen – LINK.

I must admit, I am not aware of the legal detail of the transaction and whether or not the developers actually now legally own the site now.

It is a complicated situation as for something like this to happen, obviously some legal agreement and transaction may have already taken place between developers and the pub. Therefore, the situation as it is, means that the pub site may now be in actual ownership of a housing developer. This makes it difficult to continue the building as the much loved pub that it is today. This is unless the housing developer wants to run it as a pub rather than develop the site it seeks to or already has acquired.

I’m unsure and not very optimistic that a housing developer would want to go into the business of running pubs.

Nonetheless, I have objected to the plan as proposed currently on separate grounds because of the lack of consideration shown to disabled people in the plans. For me, the development does not supply enough wheelchair accessible housing and I have written to the planning department at Brent Council regarding this proposal to consider my evidence with view to rejecting the planning proposal.

A copy of my response can be found here Link – Page 1of2 and Link – Page 2of2