New waste collection system pays dividends in Brent

The new collection changes which introduced weekly organic and food waste collections and alternative fortnightly dry recyclables and landfill waste has seen a reduction in annual landfilled waste of 14562 tonnes.

tonnage improvement 2013

The annual saving, to the Council is £1,576,337. This will be even more as year on year, the Government is increasing landfill tax, which is what we have to pay to bury waste under mother earth. SO THE LESS WE DO THIS THE BETTER!

This puts us in a position of making savings without having to cut more services as Brent is disproportionately impacted by the Coalition’s cuts to local Councils.

We are further looking ways to divert waste and reduce landfill charges to Brent Council this year. We hope this will improve our savings further!


Roll of kitchen caddy liners to residents in Brent

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International Recycling Symbol 32px|alt=W3C|link=✓ The source code of this SVG is valid. Category:Valid SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brent Council is giving out free kitchen caddy liners to help people recycle more food waste. The free roll of will come with an information leaflet about Brent’s recycling service and a collection calendar for 2012-2013.

The caddy liners are made from special corn starch material and they’re being delivered to all households this month.

For more information, visit here – LINK

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem stooge planted as concerned resident in local papers

A quick search has revealed that Alison Hopkins, a “local resident” on the front page of The Brent and Kilburn Times condemning the change to waste and recycling in Brent as “rubbish” is a well known Party Political Brent Liberal Democrat activist and was a candidate for the Party in the May 2010 local elections in the Stonebridge Ward.

LINK: Lib Dem anti-recycling front page coverage

The story was printed on Thursday 13th October,  around a week into the new bin system coming into Brent.

Figures for January 2012 show that the recycling rate with the new in the Borough is at 43%. This is up from 23% in January 2011. A whopping increase of 20%! With the Government shifting landfill tax increases to Councils, it means that less money is being use by Brent Council to bury trash in the ground.

In addition, the absent Dudden Hill Liberal Democrat Councillor David Clues who lives in Brighton also speaks out against the bin system.

The November figures are now in and recycling rates are above predicted target levels

Brent residents recycled or composted 42% of the waste collected in November. The target for Brent Council for the first full year is 40%.

The data for the first 2 months of the new service is set out below. We are seeing a healthy drop in landfill tonnage and good performance from the new blue bin system. The combined recycling rate for October and November is 43% compared to 32% last year. This means that less taxpayer money is being used to dump rubbish than if the old waste collection system was still in place.




Rate %

Oct/Nov 2010 / tonnes





Oct/Nov 2011 / tonnes









The estates roll-out is well underway and due to be completed by the end of January. Most blocks of flats are now done.

The majority of residents have adjusted their patterns to conform efficiently to the waste collection system. However, it is true that some residents have not adjusted to the new system and there are properties with overflowing bins in the ward. Education blitzes have now started in problem streets.

I have been reporting problem households personally and the Recycling team have been speaking directly to many residents and the response has been helpful.

A clearer picture of Brent’s recycling rates

Active tipping area of an operating landfill i...
Thanks to Brent Labour, 41% less of Brent's rubbish end up like this under the new Brent recycling system (WikiImage)

Is Brent Labour the Greenest Party in Brent?

….. Yes

The bold decision to care about the environment and change the Brent waste collection strategy has seen some more incredible results in Brent’s recycling rate and an emphatic decrease in the amount of rubbish that is being squashed underground in landfill, damaging our mother earth.

The greatest gift that we can pass on to our next generation is our planet and the Labour Party is leading the way in Brent on green issues.

We now have a clearer picture of the how the new waste service has performed during its first month.

The October 2011 picture compared to September 2011 is as follows:


Dry Rate

Org rate

Combined Recycling Rate


6574 tonnes





3890 tonnes




Landfill waste is down by a staggering 41% !!!!!!!!! and the kerbside element of dry recycling shows a whopping 50% increase since we moved to the blue bin system. The new recycling system is yet to be rolled out to all flats in Brent.

Part of these reforms mean that 28,000 new properties in Brent that the Brent Liberal Tories have left out with any form of kerbside recycling will be able to recycle more easily.

Yes, there are teething problems at the moment with people adjusting to the new system and it would be naive to think that the system will work 100% perfectly for everyone within the first month. But once these have been ironed out, we hope that we can get closer to Brent Labour’s target of bringing our recycling rate up to 60%.



International Recycle Symbol

The new recycling scheme introduced by Brent Council’s Labour administration is exceeding all expectations, with a whopping 50% increase in recycling within the first days of the new waste collection system.

Brent Labour ambitiously promised to bring in plans to more than double the borough’s recycling rate from 28% to 60% in their manifesto leading to the overwhelming Labour victory at the May 2010 Council elections.

Early figures show that blue bin recycling is up from 41 tonnes per day in October last year, to 61 tonnes this year. The figures are bound to improve even further when flats join the new scheme later this year. Hopefully as initial glitches are also ironed out and more people get used to the new system, this will have an even more positive impact on recycling rates in Brent.

Brent Labour has prioritised recycling for environmental reasons, and to save money and protect other council services. Sending recyclable materials to landfill causes huge environmental damage, contaminating land and contributing to greenhouse emissions.

As well as the environmental damage, Tory Liberal landfill taxes mean the Council will save millions of pounds by increasing recycling.

Cllr James Powney, Lead Member for Environment and Neighbourhoods, said:

“I’d like to thank residents for so enthusiastically embracing the new recycling scheme, and making it such a success so early on.

Labour is the only party in Brent committed to increasing recycling, and I’m very proud that we’ve gone ahead with this improved system which will make us one of the greenest borough’s in the country.”

What to do with old green recycling boxes?

Quite a few people have asked me about this. The answer is you can do as you wish. They make for good planter boxes, which is probably what the one at my house will now be used for.

This website explains the change to get Brent recycling more in better detail and answers many commonly asked questions – LINK

When will my bins be collected?

09 February 2010 Marsh Mills Plymouth
Image via Wikipedia

The Council has developed a web tool that will help you find out which bins will be collected and on what days.

I have tried and tested it by entering my details so it does seem to work!

Simply enter your details on the website here LINK and follow your way through to the pdf calendar, which will give you specific dates for your individual waste collection service.

Residents on Selbie Avenue and Severn Way denied opportunity to recycle

I am dismayed at the lack of kerbside recycling facilities available to residents who live on Selbie Avenue and Severn Way in Dudden Hill Ward. I have written to the Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services at Brent Council to see what precise facilities will be available for residents once the new waste strategy is in place in October 2011.