Brent has the grit to deal with winter

The Public Realm team has been checking the forecast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since the start of the Winter Service on 1 November.

Over 326 grit bins are on street and filled with salt; gritters have been serviced and the service is ready for the onset of Winter.

Our weather forecaster advises that temperatures may fall below freezing over the weekend and Public Realm is watching carefully.

Gritters are on standby in readiness for any sudden change in the weather and we have 1,500 tonnes of salt in stock.

The link below details grit bin locations; the priority network we treat; and government advice on residents gritting pavements in the “Snow Code”.

Mobile traffic enforcement in Brent

From next year, two cars with cameras fixed on top will travel around the Brent concentrating on accident hotspots and school gates where cars are often seen blocking the pathway that children enter by.

Interesting that the Harrow Observer is reporting the Council’s proposals as ‘war on the motorist’. I’m sure that troops and families that have served and been affected by actual wars would resent this choice of terminology.

I served on the Forward Plan Select Committee and had the pleasure of providing effective scrutiny to the forthcoming changes in traffic enforcement.

There has been a lacklustre approach from the police in enforcing traffic laws as they quite rightly have other priorities that they need to concentrate their resources on. I think many would agree that blocking school entrances where many children will be crossing the road to get to school gates is dangerous. It restricts a child’s vision of what they can see when crossing the road if there are cars stopped along the way obstructing their vision. Remember, most children will not be able to see over cars.

I don’t want to see any accidents, and in particular in front of our schools, and any move aimed towards this should be welcomed by all political parties, parents, children and residents.

Once people have attained their full UK driving licence, there are a small minority that show disregard to the highway code. It is important that these people are disincentivised from quite frankly, breaking the law, as in the process, they are endangering law abiding citizens.

Just back in from the Church End area

I’ve just come back from talking to people in the Church End area with the Labour Action Team and Dawn Butler MP and the level of neglect from the Liberal Democrats is atrocious.

The Lib Dems scrapped the Council provision that offered to take five big items a year from residents free of charge. The Labour Party opposed at the time and still continue to argue strongly on this scrappage and are fighting to bring this service back in.

As feared, dumping of household furniture such as sofa and mattresses has become a common feature on our streets. In the long run, cutting the service has actually increased the costs incurred by the Council in collecting and cleaning up large items.

Parking charges under the Lib Dems have soared through the roof and are due to rise further, despite their election manifesto promises in 2005 not to increase Council Taxes and Parking Charges. Another broken promise from the Lib Dems.

Consequently, the Council is collecting from parking charges. However, where is this money going? the state of the roads in Church End suggests that it definitely is not going back into maintaining and upkeeping the roads.

These are common  examples of the Liberal Democrats increasing taxes but cutting these services and are visible everyday across the whole of Brent and another reason to Bring Labour Back to Brent.