Crackdown on serial graffiti vandal

An ASBO has been given to a graffitist who has been the culprit of eyesores in Dudden Hill, Willesden and Kilburn – as well as on the tube and rail networks. His graffiti damage has cost Brent Council more than £1,800 to clean up.

If any residents have issues regarding anti-social behaviour they should call the Brent Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0300 123 1212 or Brent Anti Social Behaviour Team on 0208 733 3932 or 0208 733 3940.


Smart Water available to Dudden Hill residents

Brent police in collaboration with Ward Working has introduced an innovative home security product to Dudden Hill residents designed to reduce burglary rates in the Ward. We have available a limited supply of Smart Water kits.

Smart Water is a unique property coding system designed to uniquely mark household items with a forensic code enabling the Police to easily identify stolen property.

Each bottle of Smart Water has a unique forensic code which is dabbed into the nooks and crannies of the item. It is virtually impossible to remove and will withstand significant attack.

We are offering kits that are worth £43.48 FREE OF CHARGE!!! This is on a first come first serve basis. We have many kits left. To reserve your personalised Smart Water pack email me on with the subject heading Smart Water. Please include your postcode in the email to verify that you live in Dudden Hill Ward.

Willesden Area Consultative Forum tonight!

Tonight I will be chairing the Willesden Area Forum at the College of North West London (Willesden Campus). Join us from 7.30pm tonight where we will be discussing Brent’s Household Waste Strategy, proposals for changes to an emissions based Parking Charges and the Crest Girls Academy.

The Willesden Area Forum covers Dollis Hill, Dudden Hill, Welsh Harp, Willesden Green and during the break, you will have the opportunity to speak to your ward councillors, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, speakers and council officers.

Neasden Shopping Centre represents years of Lib Dem neglect

I spent the morning out with the Police, local residents and Council officers walking around the Neasden Shopping Centre. What we found was problems and clear signs of neglect with issues that have been left unresolved for years.

The lack of attention paid to the area by Lib Dem Councillors has led to it being left without due care and attention. It’s a sad state of affairs as I remember growing up in the area and having fond memories spending a lot of my childhood time at the local shopping centre.

I will continue to work with my local police team, residents, shopkeepers, fellow Councillors and Council officers to improve the area.

Increased incidence of gold chain snatching

At a meeting with Neasden Neighbourhood Watch and my Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team, I was informed that there has been an increased spate of incidents involving gold chain snatching from Asian women.

The Willesden and Brent Times has now reported on the issue – LINK

The article reports of increased incidences in the Church End area, but I am also advised by my Safer Neighbourhood Team that there has also been a wave of gold chain snatching in the Neasden area, surrounding the Shopping Centre. The victims have predominantly been Asian women. The Police have advised to take extra caution and to not expose jewellery for criminals to catch sight of.

Plain clothes officers will be patrolling hot spots where these crimes have been occurring.

London Crime Mapping System

I recently attended the Willesden Area Consultation Forum held at the College of North West London where one of the presentations of the evening came from the Safer Neighbourhood Team. It was a very informative presentation with bags of information.

A new crime mapping system has been launched by the Metropolitan Police in which it is possible to look at crime levels broken down at the Borough, Ward and Subward levels. The data used to compile the  mapping system is updated monthly and has been an effective practical tool for the Police, as it has allowed them to identify crime hotspot areas more efficiently so that they can concentrate their efforts accordingly.

Contact details for all Safer Neighbourhood Team representatives are also publicly available through the following website:

LINK (Brent Safer Neighbourhood Teams)