Dudden Hill and the overnight storms

Trees (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Brent Council has put up a useful list of areas where trees have fallen down as a result of the overnight storms.

Some areas seem to be more heavily affected than others and Dudden Hill is in particular affected with quite a few trees having fallen down around the Gladstone Park Primary School area.

In the Neasden area, brick fences have come down and wooden fences too. I’m sure they have in other areas too. Tanfield Avenue which is a major travel and bus route for commuters and school children has also been affected by a fallen tree.

There were also morning disruptions on the Jubilee line with items on the track having to be cleared.

For more information please visit the Council page here: LINK

Working hard for you all year round

A common criticism cited on the doorstep is “You only come around when you want our votes”.

In fact I still get it now. I remember speaking to a resident on Denzil Road during the Summer who was taken back when I told her “but I was only elected last year and there’s three years to go until the next Council elections!”

Your Councillors and the Dudden Hill Labour Party is working hard for you all year around and in the last year we’ve spent evenings and weekends knocking on doors on Ilex Road, Waterford Way, Burnley Road, Geary Road, Helena Road, Park Avenue North, Avondale Avenue, North Circular Road, Jeymer Avenue, Kenneth Crescent, Denzil Road, Lancaster Road, Aberdeen Road, Chantry Crescent, Chapel Close, Griffin Close, Gay Close, Clifford Way, Sherrick Green Road, Selbie Avenue, Severn Way in addition to attending meetings with the Cairnfield Residents’ Association, Neasden Neighbourhood Watch, Ashcombe Park Neighbourhood Watch, and Dudden Hill Ward Panel meetings.

I am opening up an exclusive offer for Dudden Hill residents to talk with their neighbours on their street. Anyone that wishes to take me up on this offer will be guaranteed a pre-arranged Saturday to spend knocking on doors with you on your road and asking residents if they have any problems or issues that they would like to raise. Email cllr.krupesh.hirani@brent.gov.uk to take up this offer!

Following the riots, we led with the local Police teams to speak to businesses in the Neasden Shopping Centre and Church Road to give them reassurance when they were feeling vulnerable.

Aslam and I provided reassurance to residents on Sonia Gardens after the tragic fire incident on Sonia Gardens and arranged for additional traffic management on behalf of the Crest Academy given the additional interest around the school during this period.

Surgery Dates Confirmed

My Surgery dates have been confirmed and have already gotten underway. I share these surgery dates with my co-Dudden Hill Councillor and Deputy Mayor Aslam Choudry and at least one of us will be available during these surgery hours at the specified times, dates and locations:

  • 1st Saturday of each month, 10:30am to 12:30pm at Gladstone Primary School, Sherrick Green Road, NW10 1LB
  • 2nd Saturday of each month, 10:30am to 12:30pm at Neasden Library Plus, 277 Neasden Lane, NW10 1QJ
  • 3rd Saturday of each month, 10:30am to 12:30pm at College of North West London, Willesden Centre, Dudden Hill Lane, NW10 2XD.

Lib Dem Broken Promise: Dollis Hill House

Dollis Hill House is historically significant building in Brent, and is within Gladstone Park. You may have heard of Chequers, which is the official country residence of the UK Prime Minister. Well, Prime Minister William Gladstone (you may recognise the name from the primary school on Sherrick Green Road), used Dollis Hill House as his country home, and the House was the Chequers of that time.

The House has been subject to multiple arson attacks and a campaign snowballed to save the House.

The Brent Lib Dems promised to save Dollis Hill House. Instead the Council took the easy option and chose to seek to demolish the house, rather than working with English Heritage to find a better solution. Thankfully, and after successful campaigning from the Dollis Hill Residents’ Association, the heritage came through for the House and and after clarity that the Council had not worked hard enough to seek alternative solutions to demolition, the plans to demolish the House have thus far failed.

Another disappointing twist in this saga is that Ken Livingstone is no longer Mayor of London. As Mayor, he pledged financial support to rebuild Dollis Hill House and commitment from Boris Johnson has not been forthcoming.

So Dollis Hill House is another reason to Bring Labour Back on May 6th.