Dispersal Zone in Neasden

After intense pressure from the Dudden Hill Labour team, Brent Police and Brent Council are introducing a Dispersal Zone in Neasden. This is after a number of complaints received from residents and local businesses regarding the persistent anti-social / nuisance behaviour being caused by groups of males whom are gathering in and around Neasden Parade (Shopping Centre) and its surrounding roads.

zone map
Affected zone

A number of reports have been received from residents and local businesses which have highlighted the following issues / problems:

•           Groups of males causing ASB during the day.

•           Drug dealing and using.

•           Loitering in entrances to local shops / businesses & residential properties.

•           Littering.

•           Intimidation / harassment of local business.

•           Using threatening language /verbal abuse.

•           Fighting / Threats / Acts of violence.

The dispersal order will be enforced from 12:00hrs on 7th May 2014 and will be in operation until 6th November 2014. This will be for six (6) months. It will cover the roads / streets that are within the red boundary as highlighted in the map. Which are as follows : Neasden Lane bordering the A406 on the West side running between A4088 on the South and Chartley Ave on the North including both sides of Chartley Ave. Stopping at Neasden Circle roundabout on the East side including the roundabout. Along Tanfield Ave on the South East side, including both sides of Tanfield Ave. This also includes Birse Crescent and Cairnfield Ave, all other roads, streets, open areas, communal spaces and car parks within the mapped area outlined in red.

Groups of individuals causing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) or acting in a manner that is causing or is likely cause alarm, harassment or distress can now be dispersed by Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Individuals that have been instructed to leave the area will not be allowed to return to the area for a period of 24hrs. If they return and continue to cause problems, they can / will be arrested.

Anyone found guilty of contravening a direction under a dispersal order can face up to three (3) months imprisonment or a fine of up to £2,500.

The Dudden Hill SNT will regularly police the dispersal zone throughout the period of the dispersal notice.

Maps of the dispersal zone will be displayed throughout the designated zone during the allocated time period, this is  to encourage victims and witnesses to report Anti-Social Behaviour as and when it may occur.

Major campaign victory in 2010 still resonates on the doorstep today

In 2010, one of our first major campaign victories was the traffic measures we introduced on Tanfield Avenue. Residents were victim to buses and large vehicles hitting their cars.

Liberal Democrat Councillors knew about this and took zero action. They only come around at election time in Dudden Hill.

We called on TfL and Brent Council to look at the option of allowing cars to park on the road and part on the pavement before we were actually elected.  

We were successful in our argument and won funding to pay for pavements with lower kerbs to allow this to happen.

You always remember your first major campaign victory and this was still remembered by residents living on the road when we visit them. 

Dudden Hill and the overnight storms

Trees (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Brent Council has put up a useful list of areas where trees have fallen down as a result of the overnight storms.

Some areas seem to be more heavily affected than others and Dudden Hill is in particular affected with quite a few trees having fallen down around the Gladstone Park Primary School area.

In the Neasden area, brick fences have come down and wooden fences too. I’m sure they have in other areas too. Tanfield Avenue which is a major travel and bus route for commuters and school children has also been affected by a fallen tree.

There were also morning disruptions on the Jubilee line with items on the track having to be cleared.

For more information please visit the Council page here: LINK

Household Rubbish dumping in Neasden

The last month or so has been particularly rewarding as a local Councillor serving the Neasden area. Every door on Cairnfield Avenue, Birse Crescent, Chartley Avenue, Eastleigh Close, and Tanfield Avenue has been knocked on. I have received intelligence from my fellow neighbours about two households in particular that are responsible for putting their household rubbish out on the roads instead of taking the time to properly sort out their rubbish in the bins provided to them.

What disappoints me most is that these people live in the area and are making it a dirtier environment for everyone. In the case of one culprit, it is reported that they are encouraging their children to dump by handing them the rubbish and getting them to dump it. This is unacceptable.

I have instructed for these households to be monitored closely.

Traffic problems persist on Tanfield Avenue – Labour takes action

A concerned Tanfield Avenue resident highlighted to me an alarming transport issue that has been affecting residents who live on the road for a number of years now. I therefore wrote to residents who live on Tanfield Avenue and worked through our Brent and Harrow local London Assembly Member, Councillor Navin Shah, who at the London Mayor’s Question Time, raised the issue to Mayor Boris Johnson. See the correspondence below:

Tanfield Avenue, NW2

Question No: 748 / 2010

Navin Shah

What measures are TfL looking at to reduce road traffic casualties and bus journey times along Tanfield Avenue NW2?

Answer from the Mayor:

The London Borough of Brent is the highway authority for Tanfield Avenue. Through the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) process, TfL provides funding to each London borough for improvements to its transport network. This includes works to reduce road traffic casualties and improve bus journey times.

Tanfield Avenue has been prioritised by the London Borough of Brent for LIP funding in 2010/11. The borough will investigate improvements to bus journey times while maintaining an emphasis on road casualty reduction.

TfL has worked closely with officers from Brent to develop proposals for Tanfield Avenue as part of a package of corridor improvements to bus route 182. Implementation of any schemes rests with Brent as the local highway authority and TfL will continue to assist the borough in this regard.

Lib Dems’ lack of grit puts our lives in danger (update on the previous post)

In the previous entry I posted on how the Lib Dems had made a catastrophic error in cutting the amount spent on grit to deal with winter conditions like we have experienced in the last few weeks. This decision has caused unnecessary risk to the people of Brent.

Today I spoke to a resident of Tanfield Avenue; a pregnant lady with small children who was disgusted with the Lib Dem failure to grit our roads. The photograph below shows the state of her car after she was unable stop safely due to the icy conditions on our roads. Behind the car is another vehicle which is in a similar condition.

“I work in Camden and they did not have icy roads there. They were working hard to make sure that the roads were safe.”

The resident said that she will be suing the Council.