TV Highlight of the Week: Charlie Brooker on 10 O’Clock Live

10 O'Clock Live

I don’t watch much TV, but I’m a fan of the 10 O’Clock Live show and try to watch it when I can. Last year when faced with the choice of BBC Question Time or 10 O’Clock Live, I opted for the latter. It sings more in tune with younger audiences as a current affairs show.

I was disappointed with the episode last week but it was back to its best last night. In Harry Hill style, the clip below is a piece of poetic genius from Charlie Brooker and is my TV highlight of the week. Click on the link to watch:




Have you been a victim of gold chain snatching in Brent?

Just got a call from BBC London TV. They are running a feature on the increase of gold chain snatching in Brent. If any victims of this crime are available to talk to them today, send me an email on or call 07886939295.