Cllr Hirani uses Ward working to clear up mess left from Lib Dem neglect

Imagine if you had to live near this………

Well this is what residents who lived off the North Circular Road near Neasden and on Avondale Avenue had to put up with since 2007! Letters had even been sent to the Prime Minister Tony Blair and a written response had been received from Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott on this issue. Yet nothing had been done by the Lib Dem led Council. Through Ward Working, an alleyway clear up project was undertaken and this dump I am glad to say is no more.

Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Labour Party

After a long leadership contest, Ed Miliband was today elected leader of the Labour Party. It must have been difficult for all contenders and hats off to all who have proven that they are all assets to our party.

I for one am glad it is over as it allows for the Leadership candidates and their volunteers and supporters to move on from the contest and concentrate on providing effective opposition and challenging the unfair, unjust and discriminatory actions of this Coalition Government.

Ed Miliband is the change candidate. Untarnished by the Blair vs Brown battles, and a critic of some of Labour’s failings in Government, as well as a supporter of our successes and I fully support him as the new leader of our Party.