New signage proposed for Dudden Hill Lane and Neasden Lane to calm traffic

New signs are proposed at three locations in Dudden Hill Ward that have been identified as accident hotspots. The signs will be on Dudden Hill Lane and Neasden Lane.

The signs will aim to slow down traffic and also encourage people to be more aware of motorbikes. Accidents involving mopeds and motorbikes have caused us concern and residents have been talking to usĀ about their concerns and the lack of signage.

Labour Councillors have been successful in making the case and the signs are expected to be in place before summer.

**Update on traffic in Brent following major gas leak in Neasden

There are a number of large gas mains below that section of Neasden Lane. The gas board identified a heavy leak to one of them and met with officers here (and the Police and bus operators) to decide what to do.

It was agreed that the leak needed to be repaired urgently and that the most appropriate solution was to install one-way working along a section of Neasden Lane (with traffic in the other direction following a diversion). Any restrictions on roads such as Neasden Lane are disruptive but it was decided that one way working would be safer and less disruptive. In this particular case the leaking mains presented a genuine hazard and there was no choice but to make arrangements to undertake the repair straight-away.

At the time when the arrangements were being made the extent and precise location of the leak was not known and it was envisaged that the repair might take a maximum of 10 days. The forecast repair time was based on limited knowledge about the size, location and condition of the gas mains in the area.

The repair proved easier to identify and repair than anyone envisaged. I am told that the repair will be completed today and that it is likely that the road will be completely open to traffic later today or tomorrow.

Mobile traffic enforcement in Brent

From next year, two cars with cameras fixed on top will travel around the Brent concentrating on accident hotspots and school gates where cars are often seen blocking the pathway that children enter by.

Interesting that the Harrow Observer is reporting the Council’s proposals as ‘war on the motorist’. I’m sure that troops and families that have served and been affected by actual wars would resent this choice of terminology.

I served on the Forward Plan Select Committee and had the pleasure of providing effective scrutiny to the forthcoming changes in traffic enforcement.

There has been a lacklustre approach from the police in enforcing traffic laws as they quite rightly have other priorities that they need to concentrate their resources on. I think many would agree that blocking school entrances where many children will be crossing the road to get to school gates is dangerous. It restricts a child’s vision of what they can see when crossing the road if there are cars stopped along the way obstructing their vision. Remember, most children will not be able to see over cars.

I don’t want to see any accidents, and in particular in front of our schools, and any move aimed towards this should be welcomed by all political parties, parents, children and residents.

Once people have attained their full UK driving licence, there are a small minority that show disregard to the highway code. It is important that these people are disincentivised from quite frankly, breaking the law, as in the process, they are endangering law abiding citizens.