Brent Transitions Service highlighted as a national success

In the Government’s latest Disability and Health Employment Strategy, Brent’s transitions service has been quoted as an exemplar case study example.

Brent Transitions

I have also previously expressed my pride in the service which falls under my responsibility as Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care for here – LINK

Brent Council’s Transition Service for Young Disabled People

With Labour in charge of Brent Council, we have made some landmark changes to improve services for disabled children becoming adults.

Under the Lib Dem Tory system, families told us that it was a shock to them when disabled children became adults as they had not been given any idea of what to expect.

Now because of changes we have made, our Transitions service which works with people transitioning from the childrens to the adult service works with people so they young disabled people can realise and reach their own ambitions. The video clip below has real life examples of people that are currently being helped by Brent Council and I had the pleasure of meeting them personally at the newly opened John Billam Resource Centre recently.