Tory Liberal tuition fee rise expected to cause fall in people going to University

The Guardian is reporting that there is a drop of more than 6% in student applications to Universities with less than a month to go before the deadline for 2013 applications – LINK.

The tuition fee rise is a huge issue that is continually raised to me on the doorstep in Dudden Hill. It’s sad that less people are willing to go to University because of the long term life time debt that people will incur.

University applications down

An article on the BBC website has revealed that initial figures show that “University applications for 2012 are running at 9% below last year’s level.”

Even more concerning, is that “when overseas applications are taken out, the figures show a 12% drop in applications from UK students.”

I sincerely hope that it is being monitored what our young people are doing instead of going to University, given the huge intake drop. If people are not going to University because of choice, we cannot fail the next generation by not providing quality further education and training opportunities and support to make sure they are well equipped and have the skills necessary to enter the labour market.

Meanwhile, the One Show on BBC1, broadcasted on Monday 24th October (video only available for a limited time) revealed that when interest payments are taken into account, people who take out the maximum loan amount could find themselves paying £75,000 in debt.

Another survey has revealed that 10% will be put off going to University because of the new fees system that will start from next year onwards.