Child Poverty: It shouldn’t happen here

Save the Children logo
Save the Children logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Save the Children has launched a campaign fund to raise money for children living in poverty in the UK today. This is an important issue to Brent Labour and we know from our work on the doorstep how much people are struggling in Brent to meet basic needs such as food, clothes and energy to warm their houses.

Save The Children works on international projects and to start a campaign on poverty in the UK is of great concern.

Gordon Brown was a strong advocate for addressing the problems of child poverty. Sadly, that momentum has faded since the Tory Liberals came into power. Their choice and gamble to get the deficit down quicker, rather than having a more measured approached has caused more human pain. Unemployment and poverty should never be a price worth paying.

Here is the report launched by the Charity today – LINK